Being a teacher makes me skip meals. No I don't regret being a teacher because of it but sometimes, because of tons of tasks to do, I have to pass on eating real meals. I usually keep myself full with biscuits and sandwiches. I know those are not enough to keep me healthy but those are the only food I can munch  on while working.

Thank goodness for the makers of burgers because through those, I can somehow feel that I am close to the real meal. But though burgers taste good, I get tired of eating the same thing almost everyday. And here where's the new offering from Chowking came in perfect!

CHOW PAO is more than your usual siopao. It is a handheld snack oozing with flavors and filling! Chinese food in every bite, indeed! :) What makes CHOW PAO more special? Each bun is offered ranging from Php25.00 to Php49.00. Definitely suits the budget of Filipinos!

What are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Chowking branch near your place and grab one of these delicious CHOW PAO!

For me, I will no longer settle for burgers and sandwiches because CHOW PAO is definitely close to my definition of real meal!

Insider tip: Chinese Sausage Special is my favorite! :)

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