K-Palette Bloggers' Workshop

When I started beauty blogging, the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h was one of first few products I did a review on (let's have a trip down the memory lane by reading my post about it here). More than a year has passed but my thoughts about this eyeliner remain the same. I love every bit of it, still. Honestly, I tried looking but I haven't found an eyeliner that would work as awesome as this. K-Palette is the ultimate foolproof eyeliner a makeup lover like me would ever need! I thought I would never have a backup for my retiring HG eyeliner, good thing, the wonderful heart of Beautybox Corp. brought in K-Palette in the Philippines last December 2011.

For the love of K-Palette, I braved the storm to just be part of K-Palette's Blogger Workshop held last July 21, 2012 at Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5. Beautybox Corp. flew in Noriko Imura, a sought after makeup artist and the head trainer for K-Palette.

Imura-san (close? Haha!) introduced the newest addition to the K-Palette family and that is the Zero Kuma Cover Concealer. Though I stalk K-Palette, I didn't know that they have concealers!

Kuma means bear and eyebags in Japanese! 

Zero Kuma Concealer is available in 3 variants/shades -- 01 Moisturizing, 02 Brightening, and 03 Improves Blood Circulation. Yes, it is not your ordinary concealer!

L to R: 01 Moisturizing, 02 Brightening, and 03 Improve Blood Circulation

To further showcase the wonders of the Zero Kuma Concealer, Imura-san used it on model Aimee Uy.

We were so intrigued with how the Zero Kuma Concealer works that even Char of YellowYum tried it on her own. Looking at her picture, you'll see that the concealer made a huge difference on her look.

Aside from the concealer, Imura-san shared some tips about grooming the eyebrows and lining the eyes. One of tips I learned is to match the eyebrows with the eyeliner. Natural-looking brows to natural-looking eyeliner, glamorous eyebrows to glamorous eyeliner.

Here's a cat-eye look done using the famous K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h.

With the addition of the concealer, my love for K-Palette is starting to grow bigger and bigger! Fortunately, they are now locally available at Beauty Bar stores at a very affordable price! :)

K-Palette is having a sale right now, 10% OFF on ALL products!

I am super excited to try the new K-Palette products! Don't worry, just how the usual goes, I'll be sharing you my thoughts about it. :)

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