Out of my comfort zone

Hello, loves! I so missed blogging! Sorry for being MIA for quite a long time. I am caught up with work and review stuff, hence, blogging is temporarily not in my system. Don't worry, my schedule will start to free up by the last week of July so expect to see more in this blog by that time.

For the mean time, let me share to you the latest cut I had for my locks. I had always dreamed of a bob cut and it was just last Thursday when I had the courage to finally have it. Fortunately, the school I am working  in have nothing against semi-fad hairstyles like such! Also, I am planning of dyeing it blonde. What do you think? :)

Please don't be shocked when you see me with this rebel-ish hairstyle. Honestly, it is more tamed than what I initially planned of having. Haha! I wish this hairstyle won't be a hindrance in cases I want my looks to be sweet and innocent.

What do you think of my new hairstyle? Shall I have one side of it shaved or not? :)

Expect reviews, events, features and makeup looks to come up next! :)

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