Artdeco Lifting Lip Stylo

If not for the price, I would have had bought all the lipsticks that tickle my interest. But being a person who thinks more than twice before purchasing, I always tend to buy those that are really worth investing (which, by the way, happens only once a year, I think. Haha!) and those that are too inexpensive that I won't mind buying each and every shade. Let's admit it, the quality and the staying power of an inexpensive lipstick are being compromised for its price. As the saying goes, you'll get what you pay for!

Good thing, there are these brands that carry products that promise to extend the staying power of a lipstick.  The first one I've tried is from Artdeco, the Artdeco Lifting Lip Stylo.

Artdeco Lifting Lip Stylo -- smoothing lipstick foundation with anti-aging complex. The silky nourishing formulation containing jojoba oil and moisturizing Sepilift counteracts fine lines and creases, giving your lips an even appearance. The constituent hyaluronic acid makes your lips look full and smooth. The unique, almost transparent texture keeps your lipstick in place for a long, long time. Contains Vitamin E. Fragrance-free.

If not its staying power, the main problem I have with some lipsticks is they dry my dry lips like crazy. Also, I find some lipsticks to sit in the lines of my lips, which is many, if I may say. The claims of making the lips appear smooth and extending the staying power of any lipstick made me so interested in trying the Artdeco Lifting Lip Stylo.

For reference, this is how my lips would look like with the most inexpensive lipstick that I have (Sophie lipsticks, Php79.00 each) and without any lip balm underneath.

So just by following the instruction which says, apply like a lipstick, then apply lip contour pen and lipstick, this was the outcome. (Ooops, I did not use a contour pen/lip liner on these photos.)

Just by looking at the pictures, the Artdeco Lifting Lip Stylo surely made my lips appear smoother! Yipee! :)

What I LIKE:

  • Neutralizes the color of my lips
  • Helps in showing the true color of the lipstick
  • Makes my lips appear smoother
  • Fills in fine lines and creases
  • Easy to use
  • Extends the staying power of the lipstick by 2-3 hours more
  • Moisturizing even without a lip balm -- I still use a lip balm prior to application of the lifting lip stylo.
  • Fragrance-free
  • With Vitamin E
  • Available in Beauty Bar stores

  • It may be expensive at Php695.00 for a 2g product -- I'll see how long it will lasts.

Will I repurchase?
Yes! -- But I am thinking of getting something similar but a bit cheaper from Etude House. If it works the same, then I would settle for the cheaper alternative.

Look how it intensifies the color of the lipstick

Noticed how smooth my lips are? Love it! :)

Artdeco is also available in!

Artdeco Lifting Lip Stylo definitely tweaks the quality of an inexpensive lipstick in a better way. Since I have this wonderful lipstick foundation, I have a license to hoard inexpensive lipsticks of different shades without hesitations. Just like how it goes with eyeshadows and foundations, invest in a good primer to make a not-so-good product work awesome! :)

This product was part of the loot given during the Artdeco launch. Though the blogger got this for free, the views and opinions expressed on this blog is purely owned by the blogger and were nit influenced in any way.

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