Bath Warriors

Happy Sunday, everyone! I am about to start my long weekend (Yes, just now because we had work yesterday.) and I am so excited to do things outside my usual daily routine. But before I go out to run errands, I'll be sharing to you the warriors I have inside my bathroom.

Before, my bath essentials were just a plain shampoo and conditioner and a soap. But when vanity started to kick in, my bath essentials also started to increase in number. Before I was quite satisfied with my everyday 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, but now, I have to have a do-it-at-home kind of weekly treatment. Before, I just used a soap to clean my body, but now, I think bath gels and body scrubs are necessary.

These bath products are my current favorites! So far, I am quite satisfied with what they do to my hair and my body which is, by the way, the main reason why they are still in my bathroom. Unless I find better products, I will continue to repurchase these bath warriors of mine.

I am bit skeptic in trying out new hair products in the market. I have very thin and I don't want to lose the remaining strands, hence, I stick with what I think works good for my crowning glory. For the past years, I used this anti-dandruff shampoo because I thought it was better to have a dandruff-free scalp than healthy strands of hair. It was just early this year when I realized I need to toss it out because its harsh ingredients caused may hair to fall. After so many times of trial-and-error, I finally bumped into the hair products that would change the bad fate of my hair. Let me present to you the  products that keep the remaining strands of my hair alive and healthy. 

Dove Hair Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner | Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme |
Lorys Hair Cream in Fruit Cocktail | Matrix Sensoria Care
In a nutshell, these products bring back the life of my about-to-die hair!

Dove Damage Repair Intense Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner -- Because I have to spare the little amount hair remaining on top of my head from further possible damages, I don't shampoo it every day. I alternately use the Dove Hair Intense Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner duo and the Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme. I must say that the Dove Hair Intense Therapy duo is the best shampoo and conditioner I've tried, so far. As a team, they make my hair soft and healthy. But I still find it too harsh to be used for everyday that's why I use Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme as an alternate. 

Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme -- I like how this products makes my hair soft, straight and shiny without looking flat. And I love how it has multiple uses - it can be used as a cleansing conditioner, a after shampoo conditioning balm, a deep treatment mask, a leave-on treatment and a straightening balm. At Php499, this product is really worth buying!

Lorys Hair Cream in Fruit Cocktail -- Before I switched to the Dove Intense Therapy duo, this hair cream was my everyday conditioner. I loved it, really, but I noticed that the duo work better so it was demoted from everyday use to weekly use. Still, it does a wonderful job! I will be hoarding a lot of this if it'll go on sale at the Phil-Cosmetics Expo 2012!

Matrix Sensoria Care -- I was about to finish my Lorys Hair Cream so I brought this out from my cabinet. I have yet to use it more to give you my detailed thoughts about it but so far, I am liking it. 


Aside from the usual bath soap that I use, I am giving extra care to my skin using these products:

H Bella Body Polish in Strawberry and Cinnamon -- Honestly, I don't know what a body polish is for. Haha! I just use it as instructed and after some rubbing and massaging, my skin feels super smooth with that tasty smell of strawberry. According to the descriptions, it improves the condition of the skin. My skin now feels soft and smooth, so can I already say that it does its job?

Snoe White Milk Whitening Scrub -- I like it because it scrubs my skin without the ouch-y feeling. I use this every 3 days, I think to get rid of my dead skin cells and make my skin extra soft and smooth. Whenever I use this, I don't feel the need to use a body lotion. And, a little goes a very long way for this bad boy. Would be believe that I have been using this for about a month now and I am still not halfway through? 

Neutrogena Deep Clean Ultra Foam Cleanser in Pink Grapefruit -- One word: LOVE. Click HERE to read my detailed review of this product.

Now, can you blame me if I spend a lot of hours bathing? :)

That's it! I hope I did not bore you with this super long post! I want to know your bath warriors. Please comment below and share your bath essentials! :)

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