K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Concealer in 01 Moisturizing

If you would live my life, you would understand why a concealer is essential to my system. I rarely get enough sleep because of the things I need to accomplish, papers I need to submit, books I need to read, and games I need to play. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I like it this way, actually. I am just thankful for concealers that help me hide the fruits of my sleepless nights -- dark undereye circles.

I got the Zero Kuma Cover Concealer when I attended the K-Palette Bloggers Workshop. Literally, I am stalking K-Palette for the longest time now and never did I know that they have concealers in their roster of products. Braving the storm that day was definitely worth it for I got to know my new love, the Zero Kuma Cover Concealer!

What differentiates Zero Kuma Cover Concealer from other concealers in the market? It is a concealer with beauty serum! It just not covers the dark undereye circles, it also improves and takes care of the sensitive eye areas.

It is available in 3 types -- 01 Moisturizing, 02 Brightening, and 03 Improves Blood Circulation. I got to test all 3 types during the event and I noticed that the shades available are not meant to match the skin shades. The shades are for color correction. 

According to K-Palette's makeup artist, Noriko Imura, when you're doubtful on what shade to get, go with 01 Moisturizinng. It is the safest shade for it matches almost all skintone. It is still best to swatch it and match it with your skin!

What I LIKE:
  • A little amount goes a very long way -- When I say little, I mean a pea-sized amount is enough for both undereyes, sides of the nose and sides of the lips.
  • Full coverage

  • Smooth finish
  • Does not cake and settle on fine lines
  • East to spread and blend
  • Waterproof and sweat-proof! -- I haven't tried if it is tear-proof as well. :)
  • VERY moisturizing -- I need to emphasize this because I have very dry skin and this concealer helps in moisturizing my undereye areas!
  • Lightweight -- It doesn't feel you have a full coverage concealer on!
  • Long-lasting -- No need to retouch throughout the day.
  • Hygienic packaging -- I love the slant-tip tube! No contamination due to double dipping of wand or fingers.
  • 01 Moisturizing matches my skin very well.
  • Photo-friendly!
  • Affordable at Php895.00 -- Others may find this expensive but I tell you, this concealer is worth it!
  • Available in all Beauty Bar stores! 

  • NONE!

Sorry for this picture, but I find the need to show you the wonders of Zero Kuma Cover Concealer. I don't have anything on except the concealer on my right undereye. Look at how bright and concealed  it is. Amazing, right?!

I love this concealer, each and every bit of it! I never thought I would find a great concealer at such affordable price! If there is a word greater than awesome, then I'll use that word to describe the Zero Kuma Cover Concealer.

Zero Kuma kapag zero kama (sleep)! Corny, I know! :)

Go, head out to the Beauty Bar nearest your place and get yourself the K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Concealer or any of the K-Palette products. I tell you, you will not regret it because K-Palette is nothing but pure greatness! :)

K-Palette is also available at

Oh, there is a new K-Palette eyeliner that I am dying to get. It is the K-Palette Micro Eyeliner Waterproof! Yes, another reason to fall in love with K-Palette!

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