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Don't you just hate it when the thing you've prepared for so much didn't go the way you planned it? Well, for the past few days I noticed that the whole world seemed to be against me. Almost all the things I planned to do didn't go the way I wanted it to. One of which was attending the Human Nature event held last September 26, 2012 at Enchanted Farm Cafe in Commonwealth.

I was all set to go at around 6:00 PM that day when a certain task needed an immediate response. I had no choice but to attend to it even it meant I had to let the event pass. I know you know how much I love Human Nature and missing an event as such was really heart-breaking. Good thing, Sara texted me to tell that she will be sending over the newest offerings of Human Nature for me to try out! Happiness, indeed! Thank you so much, Sara!

And just the following day, this familiar box was delivered!

The moment it was handed to me, I immediately opened the box to reveal the goodness it contains. 

Pure Strength Oil-Fighting Face Wash | Body Butter Cream in Mango Passion | Hand & Foot Salve |
Bamboo Body Scrub | Premium Deodorant

I am very excited to try all of these! Stay tuned for the reviews and features of the products.

Thank you so much, Human Nature!

While I was browsing the catalogue, the new Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation really got me curious. Hmmm, I think I should visit Human Nature soon! :)

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