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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some weeks ago, I was asked by Jonah if I know someone who could take her pictures for the tarpaulin  and party stuff she'll use on her debut this coming February. I know a handful of people who can do the work but only one name stood out on that moment -- Ben Bigalbal and his group. 

So after some exchanges of details through online and text messages, the Rockstar-themed pre-debut of Jonah Grace B. Sarajan was held last January 5, 2012 at an abandoned building in Betty Go-Belmonte LRT Station.

Here are some of the behind-the-scene pictures shot by Ben Bigalbal

Joanel Divinagracia | Jeremiah Dela Rea | Jonah Sarajan | Jessa Roque

Please don't mind the signs of sunburn on my arm :|

Despite what happened (dirty shorts, 'landmines' everywhere, and nowhere to sit), we all had a fabulous time! I won't mind going through the same or even worst as long as I have awesome people to work with!

Here's a teaser of what happened.

If you need someone who takes great pictures, you may contact Ben Bigalbal and his group! They are more than awesome! :)

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