OOTD: Snake

No, I am not neglecting this blog. I just have to battle with some challenges going on in my life. Actually, I am sick lately. I won't elaborate on details but I know, this is just a test of faith. I will soon come back, healthy and rocking!

Anyways, I will be sharing to you an outfit I wore on the most recent event I attended. Most often than not, if  an event requires a formal outfit, I usually go with maxi skirts and corsets. I have a handful of those pieces in my closet and when needed, I just mix and match them to create the ensemble that I want. One of my most worn pair is the snakeskin corset teamed up with a black maxi skirt. This was the exact pair I wore on my graduation!

I chose this pair because it gives the ensemble that I want -- simple and elegant. I received lots of compliments saying that the outfits looks perfect on me and the outfit stood out in the event. I never expected it to get such good words since I don't have an eye for fashion and I just mixed and matched what I have. Good job, Jes!

I decided to pull the skirt up on my waist to make the pieces looks as one and to make my upper body shorter than usual. Since I invest on lots of maxi skirts and corsets, expect me to wear those pieces once the event requires semi-formal or formal attire. I love how I can aslo make my corsets and maxi skirts look casual just by pairing it with casual bottom or top, respectively.

Corset  -- Love Humbly ShopSkirt -- Liberte (Robinsons Department Store)
Shoes -- Primadonna | Clutch -- Victoria Secret
Earrings -- The Little Things She Needs | Bangle -- bazaar

Photos by: Ben Bigalbal
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I am a having a hard time facing these challenges but I won't give up. These are just here to make me stronger than ever!

"The way I see it, if you want a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." - Dolly Parton

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