Chic Cosmetics

There are times that a good service wins me over than the product itself. For the longest time, I was eyeing on the Kabuki Brush Set of Chic Cosmetics. I ordered and paid the day after, but unfortunately, my payment was sent during the time Multiply was doing a system upgrade. In short, my payment was not registered on the system, hence, the seller couldn't verify it. Very eager to get my brush set, I sent a message to Chic Cosmetics via Viber. Without hesitations, the seller (Sorry, I didn't get your name!) said that she'll just send the set even if Multiply was still not verifying it.

We don't personally know each other but without a doubt she trusted me. To just prove that I paid what I ordered, I sent her the bank's proof of payment. And 2 days after and still without Multiply's verification of my payment, I received the Kabuki Brush Set.

I will soon be reviewing the set but for now, let this post be dedicated to a good service. Cheers, Chic Cosmetics! For sure that I will be ordering more from your shop! :)

I am currently using this set so stay tuned for a detailed review! 

And... Chic Cosmetics recently released new sets of brushes. Check out Chic Cosmetics Manila in Facebook, @chiccosmetics in Instagram and Chic Cosmetics in Multiply for more information!

*Chic Cosmetics did not ask me to do this post. I bought the Kabuki Brush Set with my own money. 

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