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I am a fan of rewards program.I am a loyal member of the rewards program of the shops I frequent. From SM Advantage Card to Laking National and from Wilcon to Mercury Drug, I have it. I love how I can get points, which are good as cash, in every transaction and how I am able to avail for members only discounts. Those I think are perks of being loyal to a shop, and I am totally after it! 

The same exact idea was the reason behind Neutrogena's Healthy Beauty Circle. Neutrogena wants to send a huge thank you to their loyal customers via a social rewards program.

Neutrogena Healthy Beauty Circle aims to return the support of their customer by earning points that can be used on Neutrogena products to be purchased on their Facebook store. Points can be earned by becoming a member, by using the skin profiler, by sharing content posts, Skin Profiler results, and other activities, by inviting friends to join the circle, by reviewing a product, and by purchasing from the online store. Every point that you earn is equal to a peso (1 point = Php1.00)

Excited to know more about the Neutrogena Healthy Beauty Circle? I'll go through the simple steps in starting your profile.

1. Go to Neutrogena Philippines page on Facebook. Click on LIKE, if you still haven't and then click the 'JOIN NOW' button.

2. The Healthy Beauty Circle window will open and click the appropriate button to get started.

3. If you are not yet a member of the circle, click the JOIN NOW button. If you are already a member, your profile will show up when you click the Healthy Beauty Circle button.

4. Fill in the important details of your membership.

5. After all data are filled in, the application will lead you to skin profiler wherein questions will be asked to give you the best Neutrogena products that will suit your skin's needs.

6. Depending on your answers and on the results of the skin profiler quiz, the application will suggest Neutrogena products based on your skin needs.

7. That's it. You have completed the initial steps on creating your Healthy Beauty Circle profile. Just by doing so, you have earned 4 points, or let us say, Php4.00.

Then slowly, get more points by sharing posts, inviting your friends, reviewing and purchasing products. Easy peasy!

The more points you earn, the more money/pesos you make. Treat the points as your discount on your next purchases.

You can also access Healthy Beauty Circle via its website ( where you can view product descriptions, post reviews, and purchase your favorite Neutrogena products.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Neutrogena Philippines on Facebook and join the Healthy Beauty Circle!

Happy birthday to me! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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