New from LUSH: Emotional Brilliance

I have known LUSH for their bath and body products that are too fragrant to miss. Most are molded and are named which are way too interesting to let pass. I am currently using and loving the multipurpose product, FUN, which can be used as soap, as shampoo, as body wash and even as laundry soap and can be molded into shapes and figures like clay. I play with it while I am in the bath! :)

Lush never fails to release new products that would sure be hit to its customers. Just recently LUSH released Emotional Brilliance, a brand new range of products that consists of lip creams, eyeliners and eye creams.

Emotional Brilliance is a brand new range from LUSH offering a little emotional support through the art of colour. You spin the wheel to get your own personalized reading, the colours you choose give an insight into your emotional state of mind at that point in time. Some colours are lip creams, some are eyeliners, and some are eye creams - all are priced at Php 995.
The idea is that you discover the colours you should be wearing for any particular purpose. By wearing them, you are given a little emotional support to help you achieve whatever it is you need to.

I have yet to try some of the products from the line so expect a review some time soon. For now, visit the nearest LUSH outlets/stores near you and spin the wheel to have an insight into your emotional state at that time. 

I am so excited to try Feeling Secure (a purple eyeliner) and Intuitive (a golden lime green cream eyeshadow)! :)

Have you tried the products from Lush Emotional Brilliance?

♥ Jes ♥

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