Review: Artdeco Soft Eye Liner in 60 Azure Blue

For someone who has less than 15 minutes to spend everyday in doing my makeup (my brows take the 10 minutes of that) like I am, a colored eyeliner is always a lifesaver. I love how I can turn my boring mug into something presentable and interesting in just a few swipe. I have a handful of colored eyeliners in my stash but I don't like how striking most of it look. I wanted something with color but not too loud.

As I was rummaging my stash some weeks ago, I saw the Artdeco Soft Eye Liner Waterproof in 60 Azure Blue lying in one corner and waiting for the time I'll get my hands on it. It was darker than what I wanted but still I gave it a try. The word 'waterproof' attached to its name was also something that really caught my attention.

Sorry for the photos. I wanted to immediately use the moment I saw it so I just took a few shots without setting up a decent lighting. Anyway, I have had this for over 6 months through an even, if I am not mistaken, and it was just that day I remembered I have this. It was totally shameful given that I let a lovely eyeliner sit that long in that corner.

Read more about my thoughts on Artdeco Soft Eye Liner Waterproof.

The newly developed texture of the Soft Eye Liner is exceptionally long-lasting. After drying, the liner becomes smudge- and waterproof. The pleasantly soft and creamy texture provides a very easy and precise application. The liner can easily be blended out shortly after application and is characterized by its color brilliance and high opacity.

Sorry if the photos above don't give justice to the shade of this eyeliner. In words, Azure Blue looks a deeper blue color with an almost shiny finish (Please forgive me. I really don't know how to describe it.)

Its claim to be waterproof was quite intriguing since it is a pencil. But of course, I gave it a try. I was quite amazed with its staying power! It resists water and most of the color stays on even after intense rubbing. 

I LIKE that it...
  • is affordable for only Php 550.00.
  • is waterproof.
  • stays on the lids for long hours.
  • can withstand oil and humidity.
  • doesn't smudge nor budge.
  • doesn't transfer.
  • glides on smoothly and does not tug my lids.
  • sets in just seconds.
  • is easy to sharpen.
  • is easy to remove with a makeup remover.
  • is available in all Beauty Bar stores nationwide and at

I DON'T LIKE that it...
  • takes a few swipe to appear opaque.

Will I repurchase?
No, not this shade. But I will get something lighter.

The color Artdeco Soft Eye Liner Waterproof in 60 Azure Blue gives to my eyes is enough to brighten my everyday look. It has been a staple in my makeup kit ever since I first saw it in my stash. For more intense look, I use it to line my lower lash line. It works good, believe me! How I wished I knew about its awesomeness earlier. :)

♥ Jes ♥

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