Review: Glory of New York Mineral Dual Foundation

It is maybe with age that my skin starts to act differently. My usual dry skin starts to become slightly oily, especially on the tip of my nose. I hate to see myself look shiny and oily so I had to look for remedy. Since I find oil-control primers and liquid/cream foundations too heavy for everyday, I needed to have something that would act on the problem but still feel light on the skin. Here enters powder foundation and pressed powder. 

I received the Glory of New York Mineral Dual Foundation some time back but didn't give much priority in trying it just because my skin didn't require much of mattifying than it does now. The oiliness at the tip of my nose bothers me so in a wink, I gave this powder foundation a try.

I am not a fan of the packaging, actually. It looks cheap in my opinion. But I like the idea of having a separate compartment for the sponge. Glory of New York Mineral Dual Foundation can be used wet and dry. The holes on the lower most compartment is a brilliant idea, giving the sponge to dry up when used wet and in a way, eliminates the huge chances of germs bacterial accumulating on it.

The shade I got, 34, is a tad dark for my skin tone but forgivable. I just don't used it to set the concealer on my undereye because it makes the area darker, which I don't like it to be.

The shade difference of my skin and the powder is not that noticeable, actually. But considering my face is way to fair than my body, proper blending is needed to make sure the powder won't make my face look burnt.

I LIKE that it...
  • gives a medium to heavy coverage.
  • evens out minor skin discolorations.
  • can be used either wet or dry.
  • keeps my face matte for about 4-5 hours, without retouching.
  • has a mirror, big enough that I can see my face.
  • has a separate compartment for the sponge.
  • has a usable sponge.
  • is infused with sunscreen and aloe vera.
  • has no weird smell.
  • doesn't reflect on photos.
  • doesn't give me any skin-related problems.
  • is currently on sale for Php 575.00 at Queen B on Facebook. Hurry because the sale will end on August 21!

 I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • (the packaging) doesn't look sturdy.
  • is a bit expensive when it goes back to its original price.

Will I repurchase?

This is how it fares on me. It gives decent coverage but the redness on the sides of my nose still peeks through when worn without a concealer underneath. I like how it keeps my face matte without making it look flat.

This is how it looks when I wear a concealer under it. 

For heavier coverage, I use it to seal a liquid foundation. Needless to say, it helps in making my face look flawless.

Do I like the Glory of New York Mineral Dual Foundation? Yes! Actually, it is the powder foundation I use everyday. I like how it gives coverage but still feels light on the skin. It may not keep the oil on my face at bay for the whole day but its 4-5 hours action is good enough. 

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