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Looking at my recent pictures, I realized how much weight I gained (and still gaining) for the past 6 months. Some may find it odd, but I, actually, am a little glad with the added fats I now have. I hate how I can no longer eat whatever without the fear of gaining weight but I totally love the fact I am starting to get well. Thank you, God! I just hope this positive reaction of my body towards all the medications would get rid the possibility of me undergoing a surgery. 

Sorry for sharing too much, I am just so happy with the recent turnouts of events. Anyway, I have so much to be thankful about and a part of that is the accumulation of new products to try! 

CATRICE COSMETICS is a brand that was introduced to me by my cousin who lives in Italy and just went here for a short vacation. I haven't heard of Catrice Cosmetics until my cousin asked to look at for something I want to try. The beauty junkie in me went crazy looking at the website but these babies were just some of the of the numerous things that went to my must-try list.

  • Photo Finish 18h Liquid Foundation -- I am about to run out of my all-time favorite photoready foundation so I need something to back it up. I hope this works good on me!
  • Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder -- a matte bronzing powder which I think would be perfect for contouring.
  • Camouflage Cream -- I can never have too much concealer. It is said to give high coverage while looking natural. Let's see if the claim has a basis.
  • BB Allround Foundation Multi-Benefit Makeup -- So another BB cream? Yes, another BB cream. It looks so promising! 
 I hope my haul posts are not tiring you up because I still have a few lined up. Don't worry, I'll squeeze in some reviews and features for variation. :)

For more information on Catrice Cosmetics, visit

Happiness, indeed! What do you want me to try first? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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