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I am not so much into whitening but my skin has gone berserk these past few weeks that dark spots, scars and blemishes started to appear. All blames go to genes as simple scratches and pimples turn into dark scars. Also, the everyday wear of closed, high-heeled shoes tortured my feet making it all bruised up and well, darker than it usually are. Honestly, I was on the peak of getting a whole body bleach and scrub to at least get rid of the dark spots when an offer to try a new whitening line in the market knocked into my system.

Hollywood Style is a brand that is very new to me. I haven't heard of the brand until the time I was offered to try them. Since I am a sucker for trying promising products, I agreed without hesitations but with high hopes that the products would stay true to its claims.
Hollywood Style is an "All American Made" brand manufactured with pure natural ingredients in California. It has achieved an extraordinary reputation in the beauty industry internationally. Hollywood Style represents the beauty, the fame and glamour of the film industry where styles are created.

  • Whitening Lotion for Knees, Elbows & Body -- This extra strength lotion is especially made for body parts that are darker than the rest of the body and need extra care.
  • Whitening Peel Off Mask -- Potent formula dissolves dead cells and peels away debris and impurities, uncovering newer, healthier-looking skin.
  • Whitening Face Wash -- Deep cleansing, high-strength formula contaning natural bleaching extracts to brighten and whiten dull, darkened skin.
  • Whitening Scrub for Knees, Elbows & Body -- This scrub is so gritty that it will help remove that stubborn skin and unclog pores. With regular use, skin will become cleaner,brighter and smoother.
I have read reviews on Hollywood Style products in the web which make me more than excited to try it myself. I will sure be sharing my thoughts about it. Hopefully two weeks is enough for me to see its effectiveness.

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Hollywood Style Whitening Lines are now also available in Rustan's, Shopwise, Landmark, Watson's and other leading stores!

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