Beauty and Minerals Brush Guards

If you value something, you have to give it the proper care it needs for it stay with you for a long time or best, forever. It applies on everything, even on the littlest thing we value. As a makeup enthusiast, I value each and every part of my collection especially my brushes. I made sure I invest on good, quality brushes that will sure last me forever. But sometimes the quality of brushes won't be enough to guarantee that it will last. But you may be asking how. Well, I know you know that brushes need to be cleaned and sanitized at least weekly and that they need to be kept in shape. I will be sharing with you how I clean my brushes but for now, let me share the product that keeps my brushes in shape.

I have heard about brush guards ages ago but for reasons I don't know, I didn't purchase one. I wasn't intending to get one because I was then in the notion that it won't do anything to my brushes. But boy, I was wrong!

When I attended the Sample Room Thanksgiving Party where Sophie, the beauty and brain of Charm Brushes, shared tips on how to properly take care of makeup brushes and received the Beauty and Minerals Brush Guards, I was convinced to give brush guards a try. I was skeptical at first because they look nothing but ordinary but it was love at first use. They literally do wonders on the shape of my brushes. It sounds exaggerated but honestly, these brush guards keep my brushed in their mint condition.

These brush guards can be used wet or dry. I normally use them while my brushes are still wet to make sure that they'll dry while keeping their shapes. The holes of the brush guards ensure that the air would circulate on the brushes and that the brushes would still dry properly.

Beauty and Minerals Brush Guards are sold through for only Php250.00. Each pack has 12 brush guards -- 6 short and 6 long. Will I repurchase? Yes! I'll even get more for my other brushes! Why did it take me this long to discover how awesome it is?! Good, it is not yet too late!

Do you use brush guards on your brushes? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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