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If, and only if, I could have an extra 10 minutes to do my makeup every morning, I would be wearing eyeshadow every single day. I love how some mixing and blending of colors on the eye can easily change my entire look. But that is not my story goes. In reality, I don't have an extra 10 minutes or if ever I do, I would rather add it up to my sleeping hours. But hey, I still have weekends and days off. Days I could just play around with the lovely colors of my eyeshadow palettes! This makes me want to create more FOTDs and tutorials!
I have accumulated a number of eyeshadow palettes these past months but my favorites would be the Beauty UK Posh Palettes in Masquerade, Eden and Festival from Makeupholics, one of my trusted and much-loved online shops.

I don't know why I haven't tried any Beauty UK products prior to these eyeshadow palettes. I was browsing the website the other day and all I can see are very promising products. Believe me, my list of the products I want to try got longer because of this brand.

Going back, each Beauty UK Posh Palette consists of 10 beautiful eyeshadow shades housed in a sturdy white palette. I don't have any eyeshadow palette in a white packaging so these palettes stand out every time I open my makeup cabinet. Currently, there are 3 colour sets in a mixture of eyeshadows from matte to shimmer finish.

Let us look at each of the palettes, shall we?

Beauty UK Posh Palette No. 1 - EDEN
Looking for a good set of neutral eyeshadows? Beauty UK Posh Palette No. 1 - Eden is the perfect one for you. It has a safe range of neutral eyeshadow shades that will sure look good on anyone.

Beauty UK Posh Palette No. 2 - MASQUERADE
If you would want to take neutrals to a notch higher, go with Beauty UK Posh Palette No. 2 - Masquerade. This palette has bolder and deeper colors than Eden that will take smokey eyes on a different level.


Beauty UK Posh Palette No. 3 - FESTIVAL
 As its name implies, Beauty UK Posh Palette No. 3 - Festival is indeed festive-looking. Throwing a colorful eye makeup won't be a problem with this palette. 

So after giving these palettes a spin, all I can say is that the Beauty UK Posh Palettes are great buys! Each palette consists of 10 relatively huge pans of eyeshadows in a workable texture. Most of the eyeshadows have good pigmentation while the others give off just okay color. The color stays decently for about 5 hours without fading but if you would want to be sure that it will stay intact the whole day, use an eyeshadow base/primer underneath. 

Using some of the eyeshadows in Masquerade, my favorite of the 3.

If you would want to have your hands on these Beauty UK Posh Palettes, head over to Makeupholics' website. If I am not mistaken, it just costs Php550.00 each, definitely a steal given its performance.

I hope to have more time so I could share with you how I play around with these eyeshadow palettes! :)

♥ Jes ♥

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