Shen's Baby Shower x SM Babies

Every child should be celebrated. These angels are the best gifts one could ever have. I hope to also have one in the future. A life that would give meaning and further define the word love.
Shen of Shen's Addiction, one of the few that I truly adore, just had her baby shower thrown by SM Babies and ARC Public Relations. I haven't been into a baby shower so imagine my delight when I was personally invited by Shen to celebrate the coming of her precious Camila Claudette (What a beautiful name!) in this world. I moved mountains just to make it to the event, that was how much I wanted to be with Shen on one of her happiest days.

Photo from ARC Public Relations
Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the most beautiful pregnant woman I have seen. She is on her happiest state, as you all can notice. It is very easy to spot on her glistening eyes the excitement she feels on the arrival of her little one.

After some quick chats, we played super cute game. Everyone was on game mode that we were all focused on winning. Haha!

Celine and Erica of ARC with Jackie and Earth

Our team won a game! Woohoo! Thanks to my teammates who know tons about babies and baby stuff. After the fun games, we went to the most exciting part -- opening of gifts!

Each of us was assigned to get specific gifts from SM Babies for baby Claud. SM really got it all for us because even the baby section are complete with the things a baby could possibly need. I was assigned to give Claud soft soles shoes and accessories. Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures of the shoes I got but they look something like these:

How cute these things are? I wish they have adult sizes! SM Babies have almost everything a baby needs, from head to toes.

Photo from ARC Public Relations

Photo from ARC Public Relations

I never thought I would enjoy a baby shower! Thank you ARC, SM Babies and of course, Shen, for having me! Now I look forward to my own baby shower. No, I am not pregnant! :)

Please allow me to write a personal note to Shen and baby Claud...
Dearest Shen, congratulations! I know and feel how excited you are for Claud. You are one of the very few people I truly adore. You don't know how much impact you have in my life. Honestly, I sometimes see myself in you! From the lost of our mothers to our love for makeup. I am so happy that you are happy! You will be a wonderful mom. Actually, you are already one right now. Claud is so lucky to have you!

Baby Claud, I don't know if I'll get to know you personally but I want you to know and feel that there are a lot of people who love you and care for you, including me. You are God's gift to your mom and dad so love them dearly. They love you way more than anything! I hope that you grow and walk in the path God designed for you. You are precious, little one! (I'll let Mommy Shen save the link of this post so you can read it once you already know how to browse the net and read blog posts. Hehe!) :)

Are you pregnant and having a baby shower? Invite me, please! Haha! Kidding aside, if you'll be attending a baby shower or need some baby stuff, go to SM. They got all for you! :) 

♥ Jes ♥

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