Jergens 7-Day Challenge -- Challenge Accepted!

Challenges are inevitable. We deal with challenges every single day, actually. Some view challenges as trials but I them as grounds that mold us to be better versions of ourselves. Some are hard to surpass, I know, but these kind of challenges actually leave us with lessons that we need to be taught of. 

Talking about challenges is so timely because I, currently, am battling with a personal one. I won't go into details but it has something to do about me distinguishing my circle of control and no control, and being able to react to it appropriately. After this, I know I'll be Jes version 2.0!

Let's kick negativity aside and start with a challenge that I was so excited to accept! Late last week, I decided to take part in Jergens 7-Day Challenge and I can't wait to do the mission for 7 days. This post will be updated daily, so make sure to check back for my accomplishments!

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I'll post my first one tomorrow and I way too excited to do it!

♥ Jes ♥

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