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Today marks my official first day of work in 2015. After all the spending and pigging out that happened during the holidays, I have to get my body off the bed and well, work. Let us all rock 2015, shall we?

Speaking of working, I vow to give more time to blogging. I have to put taking pictures, trying and reviewing products in my weekly schedule so I can be on point with my posts. Operation: Less backlogs in 2015! I hope I can keep up with this despite not having my beloved camera. Sigh. Again, let us just work with the last few photos taken with camera before it got wonky.

Eyebrow definition is my money in the bank. Don't get it literally though as I don't get paid for defining my brows. How I wish! Brow definition workshop? Kidding!  I just love doing it and for some reasons, it is the ball in my beauty game. That is basically why I am and will forever be excited with brow products more than any other makeup or things. 

When I stumbled into Kira's post on then upcoming Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define, butterflies played around in my stomach. Days after, she posted a review on these pencils and I tell you, my interest on trying this eyebrow product was beyond words. The kuripot person in me didn't immediately dwell on that interest because 1) I have waaaaaay to many eyebrow products to try, use and finish, and 2) it is a bit pricey. Kira knows me and my brow addiction too well that she sent me one to try. That's me having a great friend and being lucky!

Curious on how the  Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define works?

 Normally, I would spend days just looking at a new makeup and take weeks to finally take photos of it and use it. But a different story ran for the Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define. Just a day after I received it, I took pictures of it and already gave it a spin.

Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define - Dynasty | Php950.00

Add shape, color, and definition to your brows with just one tool! The Ultimate Brow Define comes with a slim, pointed tip that easily draws hair on spots that need more coverage and easily fills in the shape of your brows naturally. It also comes with a spooley to brush brows and help the product blend in.

It comes in a black, super slim, retractable, dual-ended pencil. Emphasis on the super slim part because it is the slimmest eyebrow pencil I have as of date. I did try to measure its diameter but a normal ruler can't give justice to how slim it is. This slim pencil makes eyebrow definition look easy. Mimicking eyebrow hairs will never be a problem because it gets into the sparse areas with ease.

This pencil is available in 3 shades -- Husk (ash blonde), Dynasty (medium brown), and Nile (dark brown). I got Dynasty which complements my skin and hair color very well. Since I like my brows to be heavily defined, I build on the color. Don't worry, it will never look waxy even if layered.

Let's get into the details of my thoughts on the Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define - Dynasty.

I LIKE that it ...
  • is retractable.
  • has a slim, pointed tip that draws the arches and defines the brows perfectly.
  • has a spoolie on the other end of the pencil.
  • gives of a nice, even color in one swipe.
  • is build-able.
  • doesn't look waxy.
  • is hard enough to not break easily but soft enough to not drag the skin while defining the brows.
  • stays on for long hours without fading!
  • can withstand sweat and oil.
  • available locally through Glamourbox. (

I DON'T LIKE that it ...
  • is not refillable.
  • is pricey.

My usual brow definition routine includes drawing the shape of the brows with an eyebrow pencil, filling in the sparse areas with an eyebrow powder, keeping and coloring the brow hairs with an eyebrow gel/mascara, ensuring that the definition stays on for the whole day with an eyebrow pen and cleaning the area with a concealer. Whenever I use the Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define - Dynasty, the routine slims down to only 2 steps -- defining the brows and keeping/coloring the brows with brow gel. I no longer find the need to do the other essential steps just because I can achieve the desired outcome with just one product.

Contact lens: Freshlook Dailies in Gray

Now, the question is, "Will I spend Php950.00 for an eyebrow pencil?" My usual self would immediately say no but there is a part of me that screams it is worth it. So yes, I will! After all, why skimp on something that performs?

 The Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define is available at Glamourbox.

Buuuuut, I will spend that much after I get my camera fixed. Haha! 

Cheers to awesome 2015!


♥ Jes ♥

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