Suzie | Charm Travel Pro 14-pc Makeup Brush Set

As Francois Nars once said, "You cannot achieve good makeup without good tools.", I believe a makeup enthusiast should really invest on one quality makeup brush set. Regardless of the tons of great makeup one has, without great-performing brushes (and some blending skills) the look will still look blah. There are a lot of makeup brush sets available in the market but Charm offers quality and glamour without hefty price tags. Just recently, alongside its bestsellers, Charm came out with Suzie, the Limited Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set.

Charm Travel Pro Suzie-Edition | Php2,750.00

Just like first Charm Travel Pro, Suzie comes in with elegance. All brushes have rose-gold ferrules and sleek black handles, and are housed in a metallic rose-gold case. It shouts femininity and luxury.

Charm Travel Pro brushes are bigger than the usual travel-sized brushes so it won't slip out of the hands. The hairs are made from the blend of animal and synthetic hair that guarantee the softest touch on the skin. 

Top to bottom: Stippling Brush | Powder Brush | Angled Blush Brush | Foundation Brush | Concealer Brush
Left to right: Brow Spoolie | Lip Brush | Pencil Point Brush | Blending Brush | Angled Eyeshadow Brush | Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush | Flat Liner Brush | Eyebrow Shading Brush | Bent Eyeliner Brush

It is quite obvious that Suzie has everything a makeup enthusiast would need when traveling. No need to bring along those long brushes because Charm makes sure the essentials are in one case.

Charm brushes feels like heaven on the skin. These are so soft that you will find yourself enjoying every stroke. No, there are no exaggerations here. Some think Charm brushes are expensive but the experience with each and every brush makes its price more than worth it.

And as usual, I am, yet again, Charm-ed by Charm. And this time is with my now favorite girl friend, Suzie.

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♥ Jes ♥

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