An Awesome Start of Summer: Sample Room BBQ Party!

I know, I know. I have been out of sync these past few days that I cannot find time to, well, blog. I have tons of products up for review and gazillion posts to share. And now that we are on the last day of March, the teacher in me can somehow have temporary leave while the beauty-lover in me takes over! I'll deal with all my backlogs starting today and let me start with the event that jump started my summer.

If there's is one invitation I would never say no to, it would be an invitation from Sample Room. I love the group so much that I normally would rearrange my schedule just to fit whatever event they have. Three Saturdays ago, the beautiful girls of Sample Room (Hi Sophie, Nats, Diana and Kaths!) organized a BBQ Cook Out party for their Partner Bloggers and Blogger Circle members. I am always looking forward to the annual Sample Room getaway that I ditched my MA class on that day just to be with some of my favorite girls.

It took us 4 hours to get to Wilson's Place, Tagaytay. All thanks to the PNP event that turned the road as their parking slots. All the bad vibes were shooed away when we entered the vicinities of Wilson's Place. Everything is so beautiful as if you are not in the midst of Tagaytay chaos.

The pictures I took will, sure, not give justice on how beautiful Wilson's Place is. I got so mesmerized with the place that I am considering it to be a venue of a special event. Ehem!

What's the best way to start a fun-filled day? Through sharing of God's words! He is the reason behind all the blessings we receive and by that, He deserves all the praises! Thank you, Sophie, for always starting our events with reflections!

After settling our things in the rooms, we were ushered to the dining area for lunch. Can I just say that I indulged my stomach with a week worth of food on that day? Sad, I don't have pictures of the lunch we had but believe me, the Cereal Shrimp Balls are worth the long drive to Wilson's Place!

Having lunch before getting in our swimsuits was a wrong move. We all battled with the idea of just lounging in the room after eating because the lap pool was so irresistible! Too bad the red flag was up that day but I still changed into my swimsuit. Feeling lang!

Belo Essentials SunExpert got us covered! We didn't have to worry about getting burned nor damaging our skin because we were protected with Belo sunblocks! These sun protections are very lightweight and do not feel greasy on the skin. 

Just recently, the Ultragentle Sheer Spray joined the line of my favorite sunblocks. This variant is strong enough to protect your skin from the sun but gentle enough even for kids. I'll talk more about the Belo Essentials SunExpert on a separate post.

Here's Shen using the Belo Essentials SunExpert Ultragentle Sheer Spray on Kumi

Have you heard of UPF? Well, sun protection no longer just relies on sunblocks because it can also be given by clothing and umbrellas! You read that right! Belo Essentials SunExpert has just release SunBrella, a fashionable dome-shaped umbrella that has UPF 50! It filters out about 97% of UV rays. Isn't that cool?

After slapping our skin with sun protection, some of us jumped into the pool while others dove into a pool of .... food! Donna and I weren't able to swim with our loves so we just lounged in the area and ate.

Oh we also channeled the fashion bloggers in us! But apparently, we failed.


It was past 5PM when we left Wilson's Place and yet again, that summer getaway was something to remember. 

Sample Room is not just a site where you can get samples for free. It is also a site where you can get to know people whom you will later on call as friends! Awesome, right? Don't get left behind! Sign up at and start getting samples and knowing beautiful people!

Thank you Sample Room and all the sponsors that made the event possible! Now, what's up for our 2016 summer getaway? :)

Beautiful girls!

♥ Jes ♥

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