K-Palette 1Day Magic 3D Palette: Blush, Highlight and Contour in One!

How are you? I hope you are all fine and safe despite the gloomy weather. Since I am not required to report to work (Classes were suspended and I am a teacher!), I am making use of my sort of free time by catching up with backlogs, taking pictures of products that have been long standing in my stash and doing some makeup looks. Not to mention, working as a financial advisor on the side. Indeed, I have a lot on my plate and I cannot be more grateful! I am so blessed to be stressed!

Speaking of working on backlogs, let me share with you my thoughts on a product  that has been a resident of my everyday makeup kit ever since I first tried it, the K-Palette 1Day Magic 3D Palette.

If your bag is filled with a lot of work stuff and trash, the least  thing you would want to do is to further stuff it with things you are unsure of using. I am starting to limit the contents of my everyday makeup kit, making sure everything in it is multi-functional and well-used, to at least lessen the weight of my bag by at least half a kilo. Recently, I only have a lip and cheek tint, a concealer, a face powder, a dual-ended brow pencil, an eyelash curler, a mascara, and a contour-highlight-blush palette in it. Yes, just 7 products to glam up my everyday mug! That number went down from a whopping 12 items because I already ditched the bulky contour, blush and highlighter compacts and replaced it with just one that has all 3 products.

The K-Palette 1Day Magic 3D Palette is a mosaic of 4 products -- 2 blushes, 1 highlight and 1 contour. For everyday, this is perfect since it has everything the face needs in one small packaging. To top it, it comes with a  functional dual-ended brush.

K-Palette = natural and long-lasting. The claim is still true with this palette. The blushes looks very natural despite layering. Though the highlight has visible grains of iridescent flecks on the pan, it somehow disappears when applied on the skin. The contour gives a matte brown color that perfectly and naturally shades the face.

I LIKE that it ...
  • has 4 products that comes in a small palette -- highlight, contour, and blushes: Check!
  • looks very natural and flattering on the skin.
  • applies smooth and silky on the skin.
  • comes with a functional dual-ended brush.
  • lasts long on my normal skin.
  • has beauty essences (Shea butter, Water Soluble Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid)
  • (highlight) makes the skin glow
  • (contour) is a true matte brown shade. No reddish undertone!
  • has no scent.
  • photographs amazingly!
  • is relatively affordable for Php895.00. 

I DON'T LIKE that ...
  • the size of the product is too small for a normal-sized blush brush.  

This is how the K-Palette 1Day Magic 3D Palette fares on me. For this look, I swirled both blushes to get the natural-looking flush, used the highlight on the bridge of my nose, cupid's bow and cheek bones, and chiseled my jaws and defined the hallows of my cheeks with the contour.

The brush it comes with is perfect for the job. It blends the products on the skin seamlessly without the scratchy feel. I use the longer end for the blush and the shorter one for the contour. Since I want the highlight concentrated on the area where I want it to be, I just use my fingers to apply it.

Whenever I feel like sporting a bronzed look, I would just swirl my brush on all 4 shades and apply it on my cheeks. That unique color is the bomb!

No need to summarize it, K-Palette did it again! I am in love with the K-Palette 1Day Magic 3D Palette and I hope other color combination will come in next! Dear K-Palette, foundation na next please! :)


♥ Jes ♥

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