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Oh yes, we are going to talk about a topic that we, girls, usually keep as a secret -- monthly period. We dread those days of the month, don't we? There are days when I would secretly wish I was born a boy. No monthly periods, no monthly hormonal changes, no monthly breakouts. But no, I was not and no, I do not see myself as a boy. So I was left with no choice but to bear with our monthly thing.

Somehow, I consider myself lucky in this. I have little to normal flow and I don't experience muscle cramps whenever I have my period. So basically, nothing in my usual routine changes except that I have to work with a pad down under me, which bothers me until now after almost 20 years.

I don't ask much from sanitary pads. As long as it doesn't give me rashes and it can control side leaks, I am good with it. Seriously, I haven't found a brand that makes it to my requirements. The pads I am using is sensitive enough to not cause me itchy and red rashes but it sucks in controlling the 2nd day flow. I just bear with it by making sure to check and change pads every 1.5 hours.

Such a hassle, right? So you cannot blame me if my world tumbled when I used Whisper Skin Love.

Whisper and I had a not-so-good past so I veered away from it. I was a bit hesitant to try Whisper Skin Love because of that past but the good stories I hear about Skin Love made me change my mind. 

When my period came, I gave Whisper Skin Love Day/Night a spin right on the first day. No leaks, no irritating itchy skin even after 4 hour. It was perfect, honestly. Of course, I didn't easily give in.

On the second day, also known as the day with the heaviest flow, I have concluded that, indeed, Whisper Skin Love is love. It was able to handle the flow without any traces of leaks. It did not give me rashes or bumps even if I wore it for almost 5 hours. These pads made it to my requirements!

So what does it have to boot? The gel technology in its pads that, even at 1/3 the thickness of other pads, guarantees 3x more absorbency. It keeps the wetness at the bottom of the pads and away from the skin which ensures that you are free from leaks and stains.

Its ultra slim feature makes it light and comfortable to wear too. It doesn't show up even on my tight pants, a huge plus, of course.

The Japanese-designed Air Dry Cushion Topsheet allows 2x air flow and makes the pads gentle to the skin.This feature of Whisper Skin Love guarantees a more breathable experience.

Whisper Skin Love (Php69.00/pack of 8) may be pricier than the usual pads but given the way it works, it is worth it! Indeed, I found love. A love that I will sure treasure as long as I have my monthly period!

Say yes to good night sleep because Whisper Skin Love is also available in All Night pads (32cm)!

I got Whisper Skin Love from Sample Room! The last time I checked, there are still samples available. So hurry and sign up at to try Whisper Skin Love for free!

Cheers to comfortable and stain-free monthly period!

♥ Jes ♥

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