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Hey, hey! Today, I am launching Quickie, a new segment here on MakeUpLove. I realized, after checking my hard drive, that I have tons of product photos that I have yet to post and write about.I shall admit that there are products I couldn't compose a lengthy and details posts about. Don't get me wrong, though, as this is not a negative thing. I just couldn't go down to the trenches of these products that all I have is a general view and feel of it. So to compensate, I will be writing quickie and short yet still I-will-try-to-make-it-detailed posts of those of products to give you my general feel about it.

The Moringa-O Herbal Hair Products (Shampoo, Conditioner and Relaxing Serum ++) are my current lifesavers. For unknown reasons, I developed an allergic reaction to the hair products I used for more than 5 months. I had rashes and itch marks on my hair line and wounds on my scalp. At first, I thought it was brought by stress but after ditching my then hair products and trying Moringa-O Herbal, I realized it was brought by chemicals.

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Seriously, I was not so much of a fan of herbal hair products. Most of those I have tried make my scalp and my hair dry that despite me wanting to free my hair from as much chemicals as I could, I always come back seeking for my dose of bottled chemicals to use on my hair. But that is not the case with Moringa-O Herbal hair products. I knew that I had to use a herbal/organic products to alleviate adverse reaction and good thing I still have these in my stash.

The Moringa-O Herbal Shampoo was not the best of its kind in the market but it works. It cleanses the hair without leaving it dry and tight. It doesn't lather that much, the same case with most herbal shampoos, but you can be sure that it does its job. It smells good which, unfortunately, does not last long.

The game changer for me is the Moringa-O Herbal Conditioner. It works like those chemically-filled conditioners. It makes the hair soft and moisturized without the sticky and oily feel. It does not weigh the hair down too!

Though I am not a fan of hair serums because most of those I have used leave the hair feeling oily and icky, I still catch myself reaching for the Moringa-O Herbal Hair Relaxing Serum ++ whenever I need to tame my baby hairs. This product helps in nourishing the ends of my hair and protecting it from breaking. Oh, it smells heavenly too. I only use a pea-sized amount on the ends of my hair to avoid the oily look.

So there you go for my first Quickie. This is not short enough for a Quickie, right? Hahaha! I still have a lot to say after all, huh? :)

This is how my hair dries after use of Moringa-O Herbal hair products.
See you on our next Quickie!

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