Luxe Staycation at Marco Polo Ortigas

Friday, January 29, 2016

When you want it, claim it. One of the few statements I totally believe in and rely my life into. When I want something, I claim it. If it doesn't happen that way I wanted and planned it to be, I believe that there is something better in store for me. If it goes my way then it is meant to be.

When I attended the launch of Girl Stuff Solique, prizes like organizations kits, makeup sets, and cakes were given away through raffles. I was secretly beaming with joy that my name was not called for those prizes as I already claimed the grand prize -- an overnight stay in Marco Polo Ortigas. During the program, I silently prayed for it. I badly needed a day off to work on my MA paper and to relax, of course. I claimed it, I got it. I won the grand prize, I got myself a luxe overnight stay at Marco Polo!

I shared the above photo just minutes after I have settled in the room. Could you feel the excitement? It radiates through my smile, doesn't it? Well, you cannot blame me. I needed it back then (Well, I still do need one now!) and that stay revived my system.

I reserved a room last December to mark the end of my year-long stress. We arrived at Marco Polo around 2PM, just right in time for the check in. The check-in lobby was very crowded due to large volume of customers checking in and out of the hotel. Despite the number of people, it wasn't chaotic. Each of the customers concern and queries were attended by hotel employees. We were given our room details in just 10 minutes.

Little did I know that the superior room looks and feels like a suite! Everything was on point and luxurious. Ang lakas maka-Madam! When I saw the bed, I immediately jumped right in. Come on, you couldn't say no to their bed!

I initially planned to work on my MA final paper but the feel of the room prevented me to, in a good way. But there were spaces in the room that could accommodate work related stuff and activities.

I prepped by work stuff on the desk but I did not work. Haha! My laptop just served as a download station. Talking about the intense high-speed internet available! One episode only took about 10 minutes to download!

But my favorite part of the room was the restroom. It was so spacious and had everything I needed -- a bath tub and a huge mirror. I think I spent half of my stay inside the restroom!

Marco Polo has an indoor infinity pool but sorry, I wasn't able to take photos of it. Our stay included a buffet breakfast for two and again, sorry for I was too hungry occupied to take photos. I know, I am not good at this but for sure this will not be the last time! I'll get better in time. :)

It was, indeed, a luxurious staycation and for sure, we will be coming back! Maybe soon as I need to again have a time off my usual routine!

For more information and details, visit Marco Polo's website at


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