Girl Talk: #KayaAngSuddenGush with Modess Cottony Soft All Nights

We, women, have to fight our own monthly battles. Some experience intolerable muscle cramps while there are some who have to deal with heavy flow. As for me, I consider myself to experience whatever lie in between these two. Normal, I would call it. My everyday routine does not have to change because of my period but there's one thing I totally hate about it -- sudden gush.

Despite me getting all my day's work done, I still worry about those moments, when blood uncontrollably flow out of my system. Sudden gush makes my world stop for a a few seconds making me anxious about possible side leaks and back stains. I know I am not alone in this.

When I was younger and a lot more active,  would layer about 2-3 panty liners at the end part of my pads to make sure I was protected from back leaks, especially at night. It wasn't practical but it worked for me. Fast forward to today, to combat possible side and back stains, I would wear a tight-fitting underpants to make sure that the pad is in place and will stay in place regardless of my activities. But I have to admit, the trick doesn't always work. I know I am

Modess heard the women's sentiments that they released Modess Cottony Soft All Night which has everything to keep us completely protected.

Modess Cottony Soft All Night, compared to regular pads, is longer and wider because of its extended back leak guard. It has 18 leak guards that gives complete protection at the front, side and back part.

No need to worry about back leaks, especially when we sleep, because these pads were designed to have a wider back part. Though it is thicker than other regular pads, it feels dry and comfortable because of its quick absorbing ThermoControl™ cover.

It says All Night but this has become a day pad for me, especially on the second day when my flow is on its heaviest. Oh, these pads don't cause me rashes so that's a plus! Indeed, kaya ang #KayaAngSuddenGush!

Modess Cottony Soft All Nights are packed in 4s and each pack just costs Php42.25. Some may find it pricier compared to other brands but it works so, I believe, it is worth it! You want to give it a try first? Go ahead and get FREE samples of this, and other products, at!


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