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When it comes to blushes, I am not that picky. Well, I want the color to be nice and to suit my skin but I am not the type who will spend thousands for a blush. Honestly, it is the makeup product that I usually spend the least on. Well, I get decent quality and pigmentation from those I get at Php150 per pot in the stores and the staying power is okay so can you blame me? But recently, an elite blush joined my stash and turned my world upside down!

The Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil is the most expensive blush in my kit as of date. It costs about Php2,200 with the case and the brush while its refill is priced at around Php1,700. Quite steep for a blush but this beauty is more than the usual. Let me give you 5 reasons why I don't mind the price of the queen of all (my) blushes.

1. It is housed in an elegant-looking packaging.
The packaging of Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil veered away from the conventional. It comes in a classy, crystal-like mosaic compact that is so beautiful that you may want to put in up for display. The material was made of hard plastic that can resist minor dents and chips.

2. It comes with a unique but functional applicator.
Sorry, I don't have an actual photo and I hope my words will suffice. The dual-ended applicator has a brush one end and a sponge on the other. Just like the usual, the brush is use to pick up and apply a product onto the skin. What sets it aside is the texture of the bristles. It is firm enough to pick the right amount of product but soft enough for you not stop swirling in onto your face.

The dome-shaped sponge is a unique feature. This sponge allows application of the blush by tapping. The same tapping motion can be done to achieve a gradient finish. In my case, I like using it to apply the highlighter because it applies the product right on the spot where I want it to be.

3.  It has 5 colors and 5 textures in one pan.
Yes, 5 colors in 5 different textures. I have the shade PK200 which has 5 shades of blushes and highlighters under the pink to peach hue. The texture of each color varies from matte to shimmery. Each color can be used alone or be mixed with 1 or more colors in the pan to get a unique blush shade.

Why 5 shades, you ask? Here's an answer from Maquillage:

Personally, I like the effect of how the mixture of all 5 shades look on my skin with an added touch of #5 on the points I want to highlight. Here's a suggested way on how to use the colors on the face:

4. It gives a beautiful, natural-looking glow. 
I used to stay away from shimmers on blushes because they tend to look patchy and uneven on my dry skin but for some reasons, the shimmers in this palette compliments my skin very well! The color blends effortlessly into the skin making it look naturally blushing and glowing.

For the lack of adjective, allow me to use creamy to describe a powder product. The product feels silky-smooth on the skin that you will forget that it is actually powder.

5. It makes me feel beautiful.
I don't know how it does it but every time I use this blush, I get compliments on how radiant and beautiful my face looks. Seriously, I can skip my usual everyday makeup routine and stick to the natural flush this product gives me. I look younger din diba? :)

Have I justified its price? I don't know why and how the frugal me got sold, but I think I will blindly repurchase the Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil once I am out of it. It is just so beautiful that I won't mind spending thousands for it. Well, given the amount of product it has, I am pretty sure it would last me a long time!

How about you? Will you spend for a blush? Let me know your thoughts!

♥ Jes ♥

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