I Wore Pants on my Wedding!

Yes, you read that right! I got married to the love of my life on August 2016. After almost 12 years of being together, we finally tied the knot and celebrated our love together with our relatives and friends. The event, and the details of it, was unconventional and far from the now usual weddings. Even my wedding dress was not the usual as I wore pants on my wedding day.

I have never dreamt of a princess-y, ultra-feminine kind of wedding gown. It is not my type and definitely, it isn't me. I have always wanted to have something unusual and practical. I am not the type who would spend hundreds of thousands for a dress I would wear for just an hour, max 3 hours, so I made sure I would have an ensemble that I can still use even after the big day, something that is me and speaks about me and something that I would feel comfortable in. And that was when the idea of wearing pants came to me.

Since I am not gifted with artsy hands, I had to ask help (Cheers to Karla Sajona-Sta. Cruz!) to put my ideas into drawing. What I had in mind was very simple - pants with a blouse. Period. The details and embellishments, I left it with Ate Kit, my aunt who made my dream wedding dress into reality.

But to keep up with the Catholic tradition, I wore a detachable skirt around it. The bow on the skirt kept the feminine vibe of the dress.

With all honesty, I wanted the top part to be plain and simple. I envisioned it to be a top I could wear in formal events or under a blazer. Never did I thought it would look extra beautiful with laces and all those feminine details.

To add an extra kick, I wore a pair of classic red stilettos with it. Oh Lord, it was perfect.

I love it. Everything about my wedding dress speaks of me. It showed who I really am: simple, unconventional, practical. Was it expensive? No. But the beauty was never sacrificed in the process.

It was part of our plans for me not to spend much for my wedding dress. I would rather save the money for the future ahead of us than spend it with something I would just wear for some hours and keep for a long time. And, I was already able to wear again my shoes and my wedding blouse on different accessions. Goal achieved! Sulit na. :)

I will be sharing more on how we were able to save A LOT for our wedding by DIY-ing almost everything soon. Just stay tuned!

Dress: Catherine Santiano - Roque
Bouquet: Mary and Marie Collection (@maryandmariecollection on Instagram)
Shoes: Bershka
Photos: Raya Photography
Makeup: Jes Roque (Yes, I did my own makeup and I used all drugstore products!)

P.S. I am happy to be back! Yey! More soon. :)


♥ Jes ♥

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