Browhaus Lash In Bloom: The Day After

I have always wished to have those naturally-long, curled, and full lashes. Luscious lashes, as others call it. If only I could pop a pair of false lashes every single day, I would. But I don't always have the time to do it so no, I wouldn't. But since I am nearing my delivery (Yes, I am pregnant and I will formally write a post about it soon!), I want to take an extra in making myself look beautiful decent on the big day and the days coming after that so I decided to get my lash extensions.

Browhaus has been my go-to and well-recommended place when it comes to brow needs. I know that they offer eyelash treatments too but I was so-so with it before because of its steeper price points compared to other lash salons. But when I spotted a great deal on Lash In Bloom online, without hesitations I bought it and availed it.

Just yesterday, I went to Browhaus Megamall to avail the Lash In Bloom (Php 3,800.00) service. Thanks to heavy traffic, I was 30-minutes late for my appointment but they still allowed me to get in to their tight day's schedule. Thank you Browhaus for always having an awesome customer service!

Lash In Bloom is a semi-permanent eyelash extensions that uses fine, lightweight individual lash. Each lash is applied individually by hand to achieve fuller, longer, and natural-looking lashes. Unlike the usual lash extensions, Browhaus' Lash In Bloom attaches the extensions onto the natural lashes and not on the skin. The entire process takes about 45-60 minutes, depending on the density and length of the lashes to be put.

In my case, the process just took about 45 minutes. It was the most comfortable eyelash extension procedure I have underwent. I felt no irritations or stinging on the glue used. Right after the procedure, my lashes became fuller, longer, and blacker but still natural-looking. I loved it!

I was told that it would last for about 2- 4 weeks with utmost care - no tugging/rubbing of the eyes,  no curling, no direct contact with water, no mascara, no oil-based makeup remover. It is also recommended to be retouched after 2-3 weeks.

So this is what happened the day after the treatment. I took these photos right just minutes after I woke up because I noticed a few strands fell on my face. :(
Despite the loss of about 3-5 strands, and the other 2 that were about to fall when these photos were taken (Spot them on the right photo), my lashes still looked beautiful as if nothing happened. I love how natural-looking they are. And they don't feel heavy. Yes, still my lashes but waaaaaay better!

So I went on with my usual morning routine. I washed my face with utmost care to not ruin the lashes. I consciously avoided rubbing my eyes too. But after taking my bath, which I was also extra careful in doing, a few more strands fell off.

I think I lost about 5-8 lashes more which I carefully removed using a tweezer. I had to re-position some strands as they went berserk. Check the photos below.

After some re-positioning here and there and removal of a few strands that were about to fall off, unexpectedly, my lashes still look beautiful. Actually, the falling off of a few strands are normal in the first weekafter getting lash extensions. I was just a little worried because I lost way more strands than expected.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my lashes brought by Browhaus' Lash in Bloom. I stand firmly on my claim that it is most comfortable lash extensions I have tried as of date. But if I will continue to lose a number of strands every day, I just don't think this will last me up to 4 weeks. Good thing, I already set my mind to get my extensions retouched every 2 weeks up to my big popping day. 

Hey, I need to look good while giving birth! Expect to see my birthing photos with defined brows, luscious lashes and colored lips. :)

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