Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener | Review + Swatch

If your day is just running around 4-5 hours of sleep max, then a caffeine fix in your system and a good concealer on your face will always be called to the rescue. Before, I am good with those two to start my day but since I am still on caffeine ban (Boo!), I am totally relying with the help of my trusty concealer to keep me looking awake and well, alive.

Luckily, thanks to genetics and being a skincare freak, I don't have much to conceal on my face. Just the usual - undereyes and few blemishes here and there. But still, having a good concealer to make the base oh-so-flawless and perfect wouldn't hurt.

I got the Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener from  Althea  late last year if I am not mistaken. It took me a while to write about it because I had my fair share of hits and misses with it. There were times I liked it but there were times I would toss it out of my stash just because I didn't think it was good enough for my liking.

But a few months ago I needed a concealer I can keep in my office makeup kit for emergency purposes (I am good with just brows and lips for my everyday look). Since I consider it to be a so-so concealer, I decided to put it in the kit. After a number of unexpected emergency needs which put this concealer to a test, lo and behold, I learned to love it.

Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener is housed in a  tip-type packaging with a doe-foot applicator. There are only two shades available, Light Beige and Natural Beige, and I got the latter just because it appears more peachy-beige than the lighter one.

It gives a medium to heavy coverage in just a few dots, which is just about 3-4 per under eye. Be careful though as it sets quick. It sets into a powdery-matte finish so you can skip the setting powder unless that area tends to be very oily. But if your under eye area is dry, just like mine, make sure to pat on a generous amount of eye cream as this concealer has a tendency to go through the tiny lines and crevices.

The consistency of this concealer, though thicker compared to other concealers, is blendable. I noticed that it blends well with fingers than brushes or sponges.  It stays on for long hours, doesn't crease, and is water-resistant.

It works great in concealing but I don't see much on its brightening effects. This can be mainly because of the shade. Natural Beige blends well on my skin that it doesn't seem to brighten my under eye area that much.

Hey, hey! Currently, the Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener is on HUGE sale at for only Php150.00! Stock up naaaaa! You're welcome! :)


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