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K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint Review

Out of all makeup that are being released left and right, eyebrow products excite me the most. If you have been a long time reader, you probably know why. I have this thing with brows that I am always on the look out and on a shopping mode for the best eyebrow products. Because Beshie, #KilayIsLife!

When the eyebrow tint craze was huge in the beauty scene, I, of course, jump in to the bandwagon. I have tried a handful from different brands but none seemed to amaze me. I mean, they were okay but were not spectacular. After just a couple of uses, I totally forgot about them. Now, they're lying bored somewhere in my stash.

It was no longer a surprise, for me at least, that K-Palette would have an eyebrow tint to add in their list of eyebrow products. Though I was so-so with eyebrow tints, the K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint still got me excited. Come on, everyone knows how much love I have for K-Palette that I won't let a single product from it pass by without me trying it. And K-Palette is not the #BrowAuthority for nothing, so their tint must be different, if not better, from those that I have tried.

The K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint comes in a sturdy tube, way bigger than those that I have tried, and a slim brush applicator. There are 3 shades available: Light Brown for those with light, yellow-toned hair, Natural Brown for those with brown to black hair, and Mocha Brown for those with reddish-toned hair.

L - R: Light Brown, Natural Brown. and Mocha Brown
Comparing to other eyebrow tints, the consistency of this tint is thicker, nearing a gel-type. Application may be a challenge at first but once you get the groove of it, it becomes easier to layer.

The kit I received came with 2 eyebrow stencils which I am not sure if are also packed with those that are available in stores. Since I draw my brows differently, or at least different from my natural brow shape, I didn't use the stencils.

This is how my undefined brows look like - thin and with arches that can reach the sky. For everyday, I want my brows to look a bit thicker with a subtle arch so I usually draw it differently, in a good way. 

Though I have mastered my brow-drawing skills, I was still afraid to have uneven brows after the process. So to make sure, I first drew the outline with a regular brow pencil.

After achieving the shape that I want, I filled traced the outline and filled it out with the tint. It took me about 3-4 layers to at least make the color look even. I also tried to create a fading effect on the inner part of the brows but it seemed so impossible to do.

The best results would be achieved if you will leave it overnight but I was so excited to see how it works on me so I just kept it on for 2 hours, exactly 2 hours.

Then my favorite part, the peeling. Once the formula completely dries, it feels rubbery. It is very easy to peel off but extra care should still be observed if you don't want your brow hairs to go with it. I peeled it off starting from area near my nose outward, following the growth of hair. In doing this, it lessens the chances of losing brow strands in the process. In my case, no brow strands came with the peel!

It worked! It tinted my skin, resembling the shape of how I want my brows to look like, but it was lighter than how I want it to be. Was it about the shade I used? Or, the number of hours I had it on? Still, I was pleased! My brows looked natural and fuller. Actually, I went out with just this and no one commented, "Oh Jes, hindi ka ata nakakilay?"

Since I want my brows darker, I traced it out with an eyebrow pencil and this is how it turned out.

By doing this extra step every week, the time I do my brows in the morning is now down to 3 minutes, max 5. Yes, from the usual 10-15 minutes, I can now do my brows in as quick as 3 minutes. I only have to trace the shape and I am off to go. But every week, I have to make time to tint my brows. I don't mind this at all, actually.

It is said to last for a week or so but in my case, the color starts to fade on the 3rd day.  This is not much of a deal for me given that I only use it as guide for my usual brow definition. Also, I have noticed that it fades faster and the color changes everytime you use a makeup remover. Mine always turns to a greenish-gray color maybe because I use micellar water to take off my makeup.

So do I like it? Oh, yeah! Using the K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint has become a part of my weekly routine. And I see myself using this regularly as it saves me more than 10 minutes of my day's makeup routine. And for sure, I will be using this when I am about to give birth. So regardless of what happens on that big popping day, my brows are still on shape!

K-Palette is available in all Beauty Bar stores nationwide and in select SM Department Stores, Watsons, and Rustan's. For more information, visit K-Palette Philippines on Facebook and @kpalette_ph on Instagram

Have you tried an eyebrow tint? What's your favorite? :)

♥ Jes ♥

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