Hello again, self!

Hey, it has been a while. How are you?

This post took a lot of courage and self-convincing. For more than 2 years now, I have been renewing this domain hoping that, someday, I'll be posting here again. This space was a part of me and it was one of the many things that took a step back when I had to deal with some personal problems. I want to continuously have it and keep that tiny little space named after me in the web.

I know that I'll be back. I just don't know when and how. I would always plan about it only to back out at the last minute and think that there's no more space for me to go back to. Pero wala na nga ba?

But then again, this space is me. It has been years but I didn't forget about it.


When life took most of my time, this blog had become my solace. It gave me a reason to write. It opened doors of opportunities. It led me to friends I still treasure up to now. It was my connection to my other side of the world.

Then 2018 happened.

I plan to write more about it - the experience, the heartbreaks, and the lessons -  in the future but to give you glimpses of it, you can read here and here.

I knew back then that I lost me. That is why now, as I am/we are recovering, I am also slowly picking up the pieces of myself.

I am back in the workforce.

I am again back to casually posting in social media.

I am again feeling my love for makeup and skincare.

And this, my blog.

It will be slow but I am not in a hurry. I will take all the time that I need to get back the person that I lost back then and add it to the person that I am now.

I am better, braver, and stronger.

Now, allow me to welcome the new and better ---

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