How I am Keeping the Benefits of Retinol with In Her Element Deep Sleep Retinol Oil

It was last year when I realized that I really have to level up my skincare game. My then routine was okay but a point came when I knew it was time to take those extra steps. After all, I am not getting any younger and with that, I take the full responsibility to ensure that I age well -- in all aspects.

For me, taking those extra steps meant going to the clinic to sought help from regular facials, peels, and yes, botox injections. But when I consulted by highly-trusted dermatologist and good friend, Dr. Rona Abad-Constantino, she advised to try to incorporate active ingredients, particularly retinol, in my routine. Since I trust her so much and that her advise was more conservative and affordable, I followed.

Retinol is known to be the holy grail of skincare ingredients. When used topically, it helps with faster cell turnover which leads to skin renewal. With this in mind, retinol is proven to make the skin brighter, healthier, smoother, and more even. It is great to have when you aim for your skin to age-well.  (Source: MedicineNet)

I am not going to the nitty gritty of it as I am no expert. It is best to consult your dermatologist. But let me share with you how incorporating retinol in my routine has led to beautiful changes and how I am keeping and maximizing the benefits of retinol with In Her Element Deep Sleep Retinol Oil.

I started using retinol in October of last year. I have tried a couple of OTC retinol creams in the market but I ended up using rrawph 1% Retinol Cream the longest. Honestly, I like how the rrawph retinol cream works on me but the In Her Element Deep Sleep Retinol Oil* brings in a whole new level of retinol goodness.

It comes in an oil serum form making it more absorbable by the skin. And since it is oil, it seals in moisture really well!

I use 4 drops - 1 on the forehead, 1 on each cheek and 1 on the chin area, every other night. If you're new with retinol, it is best to start by mixing it your night moisturizer. You may increase the amount and frequency as tolerated. Also expect to experience mild irritations and purging on the first few weeks. Don't worry, once your skin adjusts to it, the magic will start to happen.

To get optimum results, I exfoliate once a week with my favorite Cure Natural Aqua Gel and I (try to) never skip sunscreen. A few weeks ago, I started interchanging my day moisturizer with niacinamide serum and I super love the effect. That deserves a different post.

Unlike the other retinol products I have tried, the In Her Element Deep Sleep Retinol Oil appears to be gentler without compromising on the retinol benefits on the skin. With other retinols, my skins feels dry and tight the morning after use. But with this retinol oil, despite it having 2% retinol, my skins feels plump, hydrated, and at some point, brighter, in the morning. Literally, that I-woke-up-like-this look is achievable.

The best part, it is fairly affordable at Php 695/20ml. Since only few drops are needed every use, a bottle will last more than 2 months. I just wish that the dropper it comes with is a bit longer or has a pointer end so it can reach the bottom part of the bottle. Otherwise, everything about it is perfect.

Retinol has been a game changer for my skin. Here's a proof of how my skin change in just a year - 

I am sure to keep retinol in my routine and my product of choice is the In Her Element Deep Sleep Retinol Oil as it has taken the benefits a few notches higher. I love how it makes my skin, not just smoother and more even, but healthier, brighter, and way so much better. And 

I still have a long way to go but this is a huge progress.

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In Her Element is available on Shopee, Lazada, and BeautyMnl.
* NOT sponsored. I was part of the lucky few who got to try the In Her Element Deep Sleep Retinol Oil before its launch. My thoughts and opinions about it are not influenced in any way.

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