Bloom with Hello Glow Sunflower Collection

Sunflower oil is rich with powerful compounds, such as Vitamin E and linoleic acid, that are great for hydration, cell regeneration and wound healing. This is basically the reason why it is one of the widely used botanical oil in skincare.

A few years back, I got to try sunflower oil, in its pure, organic oil form, as a pre-moisturizer serum. I remember myself liking it but still wishing the oil to also be incorporated in other types of products. So imagine my delight that, after some years, we can now enjoy the benefits of sunflower oil - in a face wash, a mist, a lotion, a sheet mask, and a soothing gel.

Everybody, please meet *drum rolls* the Hello Glow Sunflower Collection!

Hello Glow, known for its affordable, vegan, cruelty-free skin care line brings the benefit of sunflower oil into an array of products through their SUNFLOWER COLLECTION. Aside from sunflower oil, each of the products in the collection is packed with ingredients that aim to nourish, improve, and care for the skin.

  • Rejuvenates dull skin, helps lighten dark pigmentation, aids in boosting skin suppleness and alleviates dry skin.
  • Key ingredients: AHA, shea butter, vitamin E

Right after the first use, the Serum Body Lotion immediately claimed a spot on my favorites in this collection. It feels light and not sticky, even in this crazy hot weather. And the smell, oh the smell is just so heavenly! I always catch myself sniffing my arm whenever I use it. I love how the thin consistency makes it easier to be absorbed by the skin.

  • Calm skin redness, smoothen those dry and rough patches, and improve skin's firmness. It also helps lighten dark spots and softens skin with every use.
  • Key ingredients: collagen, niacinamide, vitamin E, sunflower oil
Hello Glow Sunflower Serum Soothing Gel (₱299.00)
  • Soothe skin redness and help soften skin texture. It contains great anti-aging benefits and lightens dark spots, and improves skin barrier with every use.
  • Key ingredients: collagen, niacinamide, aloe vera, sunflower oil

For that on the spot, instant call for hydration, I use the Serum Soothing Gel. Just like any other soothing gels, it feels super light and gives that instant kick of softness to the skin. It is even more special because I get the benefits of sunflower oil every use. It works great as a shaving gel!

The Serum Sheet Mask is great for that weekend skincare time. Just like the other products in this collection, this one smells amazing! I love how soft my skin felt after use. For ₱40.00 per mask, this is a steal!

It is no secret that niacinamide and Centella asiatica are two of my most favorite skincare ingredients and I love that they are also part of this collection.

  • Reveal that soft, smooth and fresh skin every after wash. It helps with anti-aging and improving skin texture.
  • Key ingredients: niacinamide, centella asiatica, sunflower oil

I have become very picky in choosing my cleansers ever since I started using low pH ones and felt the huge difference on my skin. That, as soon as the cleanser makes my skin look and feel dry and oddly squeaky, I just give it away. But as of this writing, the Serum Cleansing Foam is still on my wash area which is a clear indicator that I am liking it. Though it doesn't say anything about pH levels, I like how it leaves my skin soft yet well-cleansed. Huge plus that it has niacinamide and Centella asiatica!

Hello Glow Sunflower Serum Toner Mist (₱250.00)
  • Soothes dry skin and helps improve skin texture.
  • Key ingredients: Centella asiatica, glycerin, vitamin C, sunflower oil

The extreme heat of summer brought me closer to my face mists and I love that I get to add the Serum Toner Mist to my growing stash. I like using it on my bare face as a toner and spritz it at times I need that dose of hydration. The mist is okay but I really, really wish that it smells even a tad bit like the body lotion. 

Hello Glow Sunflower Multiuse Beauty Oil (₱220.00)

  • Helps repair skin damage and improves skin barrier function.
  • Key ingredients: sunflower oil

The hero of this collection is of course, the Multiuse Body Oil. Made from pure, organic oil, this beauty oil will sure deliver wonders to the skin. Unlike other oils, sunflower oil is light and easily absorbed by the skin. It is non-comedogenic too so no need to worry about it clogging the pores and causing acne. 

This oil is very versatile that you can use it in ways more than just a face oil. I like using it as pre-moisturizer serum and as a makeup primer for days when my skin feels extremely dry. Lately, I have started using it on my elbows, knees and underarms. Though I have not seen that much of a difference, I like how these areas now feel softer and smoother.

Have I mentioned that this is the most affordable sunflower oil I have tried? This is definitely a bang for your buck!

This is how my skin looks pre-makeup and after I washed it with the cleansing foam, sprayed it with the toner mist, and sprayed it with the multiuse beauty oil. It may not be too obvious but my skin looks well-hydrated and nourished. Please don't mind the bruise under my eye. I got it from a botox procedure I just had. I'll share that soon!

Will I continue using it? Of course! Especially the Serum Body Lotion, the Serum Cleansing Foam and the Multiuse Beauty Oil. The Serum Soothing Gel is nice to have too!

The Hello Glow Sunflower Collection is available at Hello Glow's official stores on Shopee and Lazada

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