Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder

Most often than not, I am too lazy to pile up makeup on my face. Really! I love makeup but waking up early just to put on colors on my face can sometimes be a pain in the a**. During these days, all I do is conceal, powder and add tint on my lips and cheeks. With these, I am good to go. These steps may be very easy to do but I tell you, these won't last all day long especially the powder. When you go all sweaty during the day, the powder goes with your sweat for sure. No, I am not saying that all powders do not last long. There are powders actually that claim to be long-lasting. And that claim made me go searching for one. 

The first on my hunt was the Maybelline counter. I asked the lady if they have a pressed powder or foundation that lasts long. She recommended the Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder. With its price of Php249.00, I did not think twice.

I got it in shade Honey because it is the closest to my skin tone. I chose the foundation over the pressed powder because it has better coverage and it will definitely be a savior to my lazy days.

I used to see this kind of foundation from Maybelline but of different packaging. I never purchased it because it was not refillable and I don't find it okay to throw away empty packaging. Let's help save the Earth!  Since the new packaging is refillable, it's now sold to me. A refill costs only Php149.00 a pop. No cases will go to waste, darling!

I love that it is pink! Haha! Kidding aside, I am loving how compact it is whatever color it may be. I like this better than the old round packaging. The mirror is huge enough for me to see the wholeness of my face. And, the puff has separate place which is a huge plus for me. I hate it when the puff is on top of the powder which is common in almost all packaging of  pressed powders and powder foundations. 

The foundation has a velvety texture and goes on smoothly on my face. I love that it has nice pigmentation. It lasts for good 5 hours or so on me so better lasting powers than other powders. It kept my face matte and looking fresh. For the coverage, see the picture below. It has covered some imperfections on my face. It evened out my skin tone too.

Maybelline says:

All Day Shine Control. UV Protection. Fairer Skin. Conceals. Long Wear. Smoothes. Evens
Shine Control - Blend of water and sebum repellent powders keep skin matte and wonderfully  fresh throughout the day.
High UV Protection - SPF 25, among the highest in sun protection shields from skin darkening and PA++ for added protection.
Instant Fairness - Infused with pro Vitamin C it instantly makes skin look fairer and more natural.
Imperfections Blend Away - Ultra fine powders and coated pigments effortlessly cover spots for fair and even skin.
Long Lasting - Breathable and lightweight, makeup stays true and even throughout the wear.
Visibly Smooth Complexion - Silky soft texture glides to visibly even out skins surface for a smooth complexion.
Conceal Blemishes - Blemishes are instantly concealed traceless. Skin looks flawless.
Tone Perfecting - Developed for South East Asian skin tone, each shade blends effortlessly all over for a natural non-cakey finish.

What I LIKE about this product:
  • Inexpensive -- Suits everyone's budget.
  • Refillable -- A refill costs only Php149.00 each.
  • Evens out my skin tone
  • Conceals minor blemishes and imperfections
  • The shade suits my skin tone very well
  • Works great as a setting powder
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Light on the face
  • Does not cake on my face
  • Lasts long enough -- Compared to other powders, at least.
  • I had no breakouts after first use
  • Has SPF 25 -- Yey for sun protection!
  • The puff/sponge has a separate container
  • Has no annoying scent
  • Available in Maybelline counters
  • Available in 4 shades

What I DON'T LIKE about this product:
  • Not a big deal but I find the puff/sponge too tiny for my huge hands.

Will I repurchase?
YES! But I will just get a refill in case this one runs out, unless something bad happens to the case.

  1. When used as a setting powder, remember to pat on powder to avoid streak lines.
  2. Conceal undereye areas and other blemishes to achieve more flawless look.
  3. Reapplication may still be needed.
  4. When the puff gets all dirty, wash it right away or purchase a new one.

The Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Cake Powder is my favorite powder foundation to date. I am in love with how it keeps my face matte and fresh-looking. I recommend this powder foundation to anyone looking for an inexpensive foundation that really works good!


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