Random 24: Shoes from R&K Manila

Lately, I am thinking of revamping my fashion style. I want to level up from being just a plain jeans-top-flipflops/sneakers type of girl. I am slowly adding skirts, dresses, sexy tops and blouses into my dresser. As part of my wish to become more fashionable, I am trying to wear sexy and ladylike shoes and sandals.

Honestly, buying pieces to add on to what I have digs a huge hole in my pocket. If I continue my wants to be a little fashionable than I am now, I will either die of hunger or be killed by my parents for burning my allowance like crazy. You know that's a joke, right? That is why I am finding ways to revamp my closet without, as much as possible, spending a lot. There were friends who donated some of their used clothes (Yes, I don't mind wearing old and used ones. In case you are willing to give me some of your stuff, please email me. I AM SERIOUS! Haha!), relatives who sends me cute stuff, and giveaways hosted by bloggers and sponsored by online sellers. You know I like to join giveaways and test my luck, and so with my wants to have an updated closet, I joined (and will be joining) fashion giveaways!

Last September 18, 2011, I joined Say of Hair and Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero's Shoe Giveaway sponsored by R&K Manila. Fast forward: I won and was notified by R&K Manila last October 4. I literally screamed when I received the notification because I never thought of winning. Oh I love you, luck and giveaway god! 

Photo from R&K Manila's Facebook Page

Days after, I received this cutie-patootie in the mail!

I immediately fell in love with it. The height it gives me makes me look sexier and the details shouts 'lady!' 

I am yet to test its comfort today as I run from an event to another! :) I hope it won't give me bruises. 

Thank you, Say and R&K Manila! :)

Visit R&K Manila's Facebook page HERE!

I am loving my newest baby! So in case you'll be sending me stuff, my size is S-M and my shoe size is 9. Haha! :)

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