Random 29: [RANT] Love Minerals by Human ♥ Nature in Pink Quartz

Whenever I get various shades of a particular product, I tend to think that it will work as good or as bad as the shade I first tried. The reason behind that thinking is that those products are basically the same and only the shade differs. That self-made principle applies to almost every product I own with the exception of Love Minerals by Human ♥ Nature Pink Quartz Blush.

When I got the hold of this blush, I initially thought it'll work as awesome as the Human ♥ Nature Mineral Blush in Tropical Rose (read my review HERE). I am so in love with that blush that I planned to just post a swatch of this Pink Quartz. The photo above was an old packaging of the Human Nature blushes. 

I supposed they were made out of the same ingredients and thus, should have the same quality. But hey, they are not the same! The newer version of their mineral blush is really new and improved (just like what they claim on their site)

When I opened the pan, I knew there is something wrong with this blush. It smells weird! I can't seem to describe the scent. I think it smells like plastic. Basta, it smells weird. I am not sure if all of the old blushes smell like this one but I am very pleased that the newer ones do not have any scent at all. 

I was ready to forgive the scent but when I tried to use it, it does not have any color at all! Oh goodness, what happened to this blush?! Look at the swatch below, it is the best it can give!

This is a special case, I know. Since it's natural, I thought of its expiration. It may be expired that's why it smells weird and does not give out any color. But looking at the printed date on the pan, I found out that I still have barely 5 months to supposedly use it. 

I don't exactly know what is wrong with this blush. Though I am very much disappointed with it, it doesn't change the fact that I love Human ♥ Nature. Again, this is, for sure, a special case. Do you think crushing the product into powder will make a difference?

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