The Little Things I Need

Each of us have those little things that we truly adore. I can't exactly enumerate what are little things I really need since I know I have a LOT. Haha! 

I attended the The Little Things She Needs Brand Launch (read it HERE) and as part of it, we were given a chance to take hold on to some of the things they have. Choosing what to get in the midst of all wonderful pieces was truly a challenge. Good thing I had Char and Ann to help me decide. I love you, girls!

As much as I love wearing wedges and high-heeled shoes/sandals, I sometimes need to subject my feet to a well-deserved rest. Don't you just love the simplicity of this flats? I am actually wearing these babies almost everyday! :)

As I always say, I am not an accessories person. A pair of earrings and a piece of bangle and/or ring are enough to keep me fashionably cool. I don't have the eyes on mixing and matching, that's why I stick on to the basics. I adore the people who have and can rock a lot of accessories! But when I saw these bad boys on the racks, I know I have to have them. 

I am definitely going back to Eastwood and shop at The Little Things She Needs! 
I need to have more little things in my closet!

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