Review: Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil

I like the Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid (read my review HERE) so much but still I need something that would remove my stubborn waterproof mascaras. Lovely ladies commented and said that an oil-based makeup remover works well with mascaras and eyeliners. I know that one of the variants of Pure Beauty is Perfect Cleansing Oil but I didn't want to purchase it back then since I still have my Perfect Cleansing Liquid. I assumed they work pretty the same except that the one is oil and the one I have is in liquid.

I was still able to get the Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil courtesy of my winnings from Phoebe of Bite. Luxe. Snap. Wander's Birthday Giveaway (see everything HERE). Having the driest skin, this sticker made me try it immediately.

It is indeed moisturizing! I love how it does not leave my skin with that icky feeling of other oils do. And YES, it does work with my mascaras and eyeliners. Take into consideration that  have to smooth the product over my eyelids to get rid of my eye makeup. It does not sting but it makes your eyesight a little cloudy for seconds.

To give justice on the love I swear by this baby, here are the pictures I took when I subjected it on a test-run. I put on waterproof makeup, eyeliners and mascaras, on the back of my hand. 

Pumped a good amount of oil and rub it on the makeup.

After some rubbing, this was what's left:

I did more rubbings and then wet my hands with water. Then here's what happened next,

No more makeup! Amazing! :) I tried it on my face and it did the same thing! Love! :)

Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil:
Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil is enriched with Soybean Oil, Olive Oil and specially selected natural seed oils to help gently remove makeup, impurities and excess oil effectively and thoroughly. The special formula helps soften skin and prevents dryness after use. With  a natural herbal complex (Lavender, Bergamot, Peppermint, Freesia, Chamomile & Rosemary Extracts), it also provides a soothing and moisturizing effect to the skin.
Usage: Pump appropriate amount onto the palms of dry hands. Gently smooth over dry face to dissolve makeup , dirt and other impurities. Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil, then rinse thoroughly with water. Use daily facial cleanser afterwards if needed.

Caution: Avoid contact with water on hands or face prior to application. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately with water. If any irritation develops, discontinue use and consult a doctor if necessary.

What I LIKE about it:
  • Inexpensive! -- I won't like it if it's not! Kidding! I think its price ranges from Php239.00 to Php299.00 (~$4 to $5).
  • I get a lot of product for its price. -- 190ml!
  • I see how much is left with the clear bottle.
  • The pump dispenses the right amount of product.
  • Removes makeup effectively
  • Moisturizing
  • Does not leave my skin with an oily-icky feeling
  • Very easy to rinse off
  • No pungent smell
  • Does not sting my eyes
  • A little amount goes a long way
  • Available in Watsons

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • Not a problem for me but others may not be able to tolerate the cloudy eyesight it gives when used near and around the eye area.

Will I repurchase?
YES! But not too soon!

  1.  The eyeliner I used on the test was the K-Palette 24/7 and the mascara was the Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara.
  2. A friend told me that this particular product cannot remove other waterproof mascaras like the ones from Majolica Majorca. I am yet to test statement.
  3. You may opt to use a separate eye makeup remover if you want to and can't tolerate a cloudy eyesight.
  4. Water on hands and face prior to application may affect the product's effectiveness.
  5. I still find the need to cleanse my face after use of this product.

For now, I am quite satisfied with the works of Perfect Beauty Cleansing Oil. I still don't know if  have to purchase another makeup remover once I use my Majolica Majorca mascara. In case it won't work as good, then I still have to purchase another makeup remover. :)


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