Random 27: Haul 1

Happy and blessed Sunday, everyone!

I had been, as usual, busy these past couple of days. I preoccupied myself with some career and school stuff. Anyhow, I am back with a random haul. Starting this day, my hauls will be numbered. As a non-frequent shopper, I am having a hardest time to give titles to my hauls. This is actually going nonsense so I'll just go ahead and share with you what I got recently. :)

These stuff were sent to me by my loving aunt, Mama Beng, in Italy. I love how she continuously sends me things just to let me know that she always remembers me. :) I love you, Mama Beng! See the Marilyn Monroe shirt? She got it from Paris. I am excited to wear all of these. Fashion revamp is on my way! :)

 My very first black pumps!

I just emptied my Eskinol toner so I decided to try out another brand. I hope this works!

More lipsticks to add to my collection! I sure will review these awesomesauce!

I love everything I got! 
Expect more decent and worth-reading post on the next days!

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