Smell delicious with DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Parfum Spray

Each one of us want to smell pleasant -- for our friends, for our loved ones, for people we don't know but we have to connect with, and most especially for ourselves. I am not so much of a perfume person. And as I look into my stash, I noticed I, actually, don't have any! Napakakawawang nilalang! Don't get me wrong, loves. I am just more into colognes. I tend to get nauseous with the strong smell of some perfumes that's why I hesitate on getting a bottle for myself. 

I got the DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Parfum Spray as part of the loot I won from Phoebe Ann of Bite. Luxe. Snap. Wander.'s Birthday Giveaway (see everything I got HERE). For unknown reasons, I was never excited to use it until a friend came over and almost stole this from my stash. I convinced him (Yes, my friend who almost stole this is a HIM) to just look for anything and to just leave this with me. Luckily, he did. The day after, I opened the box and sprayed its goodness all over me.

Hello, Lumix!

I LOVE HOW IT SMELLS! It's fragrant but not that strong that would shoo everyone away. I actually feel sexy whenever I wear it. I love when it leaves its sweet scent on my hair! And take note, I did not get nauseous or whatever! For now, I am savoring each and every drop of my 15ml bottle and I hope someone with a good heart will give me a bigger version. I know its expensive!

To know more about DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Parfum Spray, click HERE.

What is your favorite perfume? :)

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