Island Basics Body Butter in Olive

Since my skin is VERY dry, my best friend after bath is a moisturizing lotion. I have tons of lotions from different brands in my dresser which I alternately use to achieve soft and moisturized skin that I want. I hate to see my skin looking like those of a fish's scales. I have seen body butters in beauty counters but never intended to try one. I thought that body butters are sticky and heavy compared to the normal lotions. After few researches and recommendations from friends, I learned that a body butter contains less water which makes it heavier than creams and lotions. It hydrates and protects skin better than our usual lotion. Read more about body butters HERE.

I didn't find any reason not to try using body butters, I just don't know what to get first for I have seen a lot in stores. Good thing, I was lucky enough to be given the Island Basics Body Butter in Olive for review. Thank you, Gel of So Gelleesh, Marga and KMBI

Upon opening the tub, I immediately got intimidated by the green formulation. I haven't applied anything green on my skin for I fear to turn myself into someone like Fiona. Kidding! It's obvious that the formulation is thicker than lotion because I turned the tub upside down and not a single drop of product fell from it.

I tried applying it on the back of my hand to see if it glides on smoothly. It does apply smooth and leaves my skin feeling very much hydrated. Let the pictures tell the story.

Island Basics Body Butter:
Give your skin an intensive moisturizing treat without the greasy or sticky after feel. Mildly scented and leaves your skin feeling soft.

What I LIKE about it:

  • Inexpensive! -- For only Php150.00, you get 100 grams of product!
  • No greasy and/or sticky after feel
  • Smells good
  • Easy to apply/glides on very smoothly
  • I love that Olive is anti-aging!
  • Available in other variants -- Green Tea and Mint (Anti-aging and Revitalizing), and Goat's Milk and Vanilla (Nourishing)
  • Made out of ALL natural ingredients!

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
  • Some may find the scent too strong
  • Scent does not last long
  • I am not a fan of dip-your-fingers-into-the-tub type of packaging -- I usually grow my nails long and I hate that product gets into the insides of my nails.

Check out for more information about Island Basics and their products.

Beauty with a conscience
With a growing awareness to battle climate change and need to educate more people on the impact of human consumption, Island Basics and KMBI partners to help the environment.
From November 2011 until January 2012, Island Basics will be giving away one peso per item sold to the "Piso para sa KMBI" project. This donation will help KMBI fund envrionmental initiatives already started by KMBI members.

I haven't seen a body butter in a squeeze-type packaging which, I think, is the only reason why I am not dumping my good old lotions. Nevertheless, the Body Butters from Island Basics are worth trying. 

NOTE: The product is given by the company for review purposes. The opinions and thoughts about it are owned by the blogger and are not influenced in any ways.