Koh Gen Do Makeup Trial Set

Christmas is around the corner and I know that almost everyone is bothered with thoughts of what to give away as gifts. The makeup enthusiast in me wants to receive makeup and makeup brush sets. I know it's hard to give away makeup because you have to consider the shade and preference of the recipient. This is when a trial set comes in handy.

Whenever buying makeup, always try and test it on your own skin, as much as possible. Make sure to use clean testers! How I wish our locally sold makeup and skincare products have trial sets and testers just like the high-end ones. Trial sizes are ideal so you won't regret buying products that you have shelled out for. Anyway, I am so loving the Koh Gen Do Makeup Trial Set I received when I attended the brand launch last October (read my post HERE)

The sleek design of the packaging makes it perfect to give away this Christmas. I am already seeing the use of this tin can after I take out what's inside. It's light and thin, perfect in case you want to use it as a travel set. 

Each set has 2 moisture foundation (013/003), 1 face powder, 3 color makeup bases (white, yellow, and green), 1 puff, 1 trial book, and 1 foundation color chart. Everything is in trial sizes except the puff! :)

The moisture foundations, included in the set, shades 013 and 003, were pre-chosen, just what they think will suit the Asian skin. In case you'll like the foundation but of different shade, you just have to place the chart on your face and see what shade suits you best. Awesome idea, right?

Makeup Trial Set:
A trial size collection of our High Definition Makeup that provides the flawless coverage giving you that healthy, bare skin look. Experience our products for the first time or use it as a perfect travel kit to take with you.

Koh Gen Do is being sold in selected Beauty Bars but I am quite sure if they have this set on stock. I hope they do because it's perfect for those who want to try the products of Koh Gen Do

For more information about the Koh Gen Do Makeup Trial Set, click HERE.

I haven't opened anything from this set but I am very excited to try the makeup bases. I saw how it works during the launch and I can't wait to see its wonders on my own skin. I am just waiting for the best moment for me to use these babies. 

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