Nivea Visage Refreshing Toner

Given a choice, I won't be applying any toner onto my face. My skin feels dry after that I don't think this liquid has anything good to do on my face. BUT as a frequent makeup user, I need to have something that would get rid of the possible remains of my makeup. I was at the last drop of my usual toner when I thought of getting something new for a change. I felt that the toner I was using for almost 4 years did not help in improving my skin and it might be one of the causes of my skin's dryness. 

It was, more or less, a month since I got a bottle of Nivea Visage Refreshing Toner. I didn't have anything in mind when I was in the store and Nivea was lying in one corner as if calling my attention, so I got it with all the hopes that it would do wonders on my dry skin.

I am loving this product so far! I feel clean and refreshed after every use. Unlike other toners, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and healthy! For those with super dry skin like me, you still have to apply layers of moisturizer to keep your skin feeling soft all throughout the day. At its price of Php109.00  for 125ml of product, I can definitely say it is a steal!

Honestly, I am satisfied with this baby but no one can't blame me in case I say that I am still in search for a toner meant for dry skin. As early as now, I am investing a lot on my mug and getting the best skincare is great way to start with. 

What toner do you use?

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