Random 30: Great Service from Human ♥ Nature!

Remember my very first product rant? It was about the Love Minerals by Human ♥ Nature blush in Pink Quartz (read my post HERE). I was thinking of smashing it until becomes powder and see if it'll work better. No, I haven't done it but I will do soon out of curiosity. There were two readers who commented that I can have the blush replaced through the Human ♥ Nature customer service (Thank you, Drea and Dee!). Honestly, I planned not to to avoid any hassle and as I said in my post, the problem I encountered with that blush does not and will not affect my love for Human ♥ Nature. But the curious in me was puzzled about the said service offered by the company so I sent an email to their customer service department with a link to my post. I received a response after a day asking for my shipping details and after a day, I received this in the mail.

Yes, they sent me a replacement for free! Awesome service, right? According to Kristine of Human ♥ Nature's customer service department, the foul odor of the defective blush was because of rice bran oil included in their old formulation. She sent me a blush from their new and improved makeup line (they have taken out rice bran oil in the formulation) as a replacement.

The moment I received it, I smelled and swatched the product right away. The foul odor was gone and it now gives off color! I love how natural it looks on me!

Pink Quartz gives off a sheer pink and very light shimmer!

I love how Human ♥ Nature takes care of their consumers. They offer nothing but the best to people who support them. How I wish all brands do this! As per this post, I am letting the world know that I am head over heels with Human ♥ Nature!

Don't you just love awesome services?!

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