Random 31: It's Broken!

I have been warned that it'll end up like this. 
I was not swayed by their persistent accusations of you. 
I believed in you, that you'll be the best out of your batch. 
I stayed with you and loved you in ways no one could. 
But you failed me. 
Our relationship ended just the way you did with your pasts. 

I know it's way too overacting but please spare me. I am totally heartbroken! Read the comments in THIS post to read the warning left by my friends regarding this powder foundation. 

Just 2 days ago, my love for Maybelline powder ended. As you can see, it was broken. No, it did not fall from my kit. It just happened. As I was doing my makeup, the usual routine, I dipped the brush in the middle of the pan and that huge chunk fell. It was then I noticed that it has no product inside. Hallow. I was shocked, I don't know what to do, so I closed it down hoping it would prevent further damage. But I was wrong. Just today, I opened it again and saw that everything was damaged. The entire thing is now powder. 

I am thinking of putting it in a larger container and smash it until it becomes powder. I'll use it still just like how I use my mineral foundation. But still, I am considering the fact that I shall now bid goodbye to this baby and hunt for another inexpensive but awesome powder foundation. What brand should I try next?

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