Change is good!

As the clock ticked at 12:00 midnight and the gates opened for 2012, I only had one thing in mind -- CHANGE! I have decided to make this year as a my ground for changes. I won't hold back to anything, instead, I will jump on to everything that will tickle my interests, may it be good or bad. I'll live life without any regrets but I'll still put my head on top of everything. Change is inevitable so I am embracing it with all my might from now on.

Dear 2012, please be good to me. I promise to be the best person I can be!

To start the engine of change, I had my hair cut short and colored lighter. I was planning to get the Victoria Beckham-ish type of hairdo but thinking that I'll have my graduation pictures taken in about 3 months, I held my horses. I don't want to look too fierce on my graduation photos! I settled with a shoulder-length hair and a lighter color. I swear, I wanted a color that is more on the blonde side but feared that it won't look good on me.

My friends told me that my new hair makes me look younger. I hope they're telling the truth or else, I'll  be crying myself to sleep until my hair grows back to its usual length. Cheers to more changes!

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