It's back: ARTDECO in Beauty Bar

I like the feeling whenever I discover something new which would turn my world upside down, especially when it concerns my love -- makeup! ARTDECO is no longer a newbie in the market but, honestly, I was just recently introduced to the brand. 

When I was starting with makeup and didn't have enough money to buy anything that interests me, going inside Beauty Bar was a big NO! I thought that everything inside this makeup haven is too expensive that the girl-with-a-tight-budget in me could not afford. Though I still have that kind of thinking, I'll start to frequent the shop because ARTDECO is back in there!

Don't be intimidated by ARTDECO's looks. This Germany made makeup has affordable price ranging from Php350.00 to Php1,550.00. Yes, it has the looks and performance of high-end makeup minus the steep price!

ARTDECO is more than just a cosmetic brand -- ARTDECO combines numerous collections into one integrated concept which is unique on the market.
ARTDECO products are tailored to customer expectations. ARTDECO stands for individuality that customers demand from a premium retailer, just as much as the exclusivity of high-priced international brands. ARTDECO symbolizes trends; it incorporates the trends faster than its competitors. This enables ARTDECO customers to obtain the newest must-have products at affordable prices at all times.

I have a some products to try out from the brand so stay tuned for reviews and features. For now, visit the nearest Beauty Bar in your place and check out how awesome ARTDECO is!

Have you tried anything from Artdeco? :)

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